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Nisha justifies her Ghunghroo role

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By: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"I am not the main heroine of the film, Sushmita Sen is", declares Nisha Kothari rather candidly who is confident that her Friday's release Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag would be seen by one and all.

"Meanwhile I am happy playing one of the characters in the film. Imagine sharing screen space with people who have been there in the business even before I was born. That's good enough for me", says a modest Nisha who has a lot happening for her this season.

"In fact most of me which is being seen of me today is the work that I am wrapping up. Go is now getting ready for release while Darling has me in just a song and dance appearance. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag too features me though let me be honest to confess that the film is more about a family and it's battle with the character of Babban more than anything else", she replies when questioned about her frequent appearance on TV promos.

But why is she taking it slow when it comes to signing new projects, "I am currently only in the process of looking at different kind of scripts coming my way. I am not on a signing spree because first and foremost I am looking at getting all the finer edges rectified in the acting department. I am constantly striving for improvement."

Doesn't that make her apprehensive considering the fact that Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag is the biggest and perhaps the only project in her hands at the moment? "Sochne se kya faayda, jo hoga dekha jaayega", she says with her characteristic sweet smile, "It doesn't help anyone if I get apprehensive. It is a particular phase of my career and I am happy at this moment. I would continue to do the best I can and after that it is left for the audiences to decide how I fared. As always, I continue to be game for constructive feedback and deliver what an audience wants."

So what does she look for in a role at the moment? Does she ever feel that probably just to prove a point that she can be much more than someone who is cute and glam, she may do some offbeat cinema? "No offbeat cinema for at least next five years", she reacts instantaneously, "There is no point doing that because of the kind of baby face I have. Also my body structure is such that it would be difficult for everyone to adjust if I try to do anything which is completely opposite of my personality."

With a film like Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, does that mean that she is not really striving for bigger parts? "It's not anything like that, though I have always been a staunch believer of the fact that it is just a single scene that can make a difference. Now look at my part in Sarkar. I believe everyone who saw the film noticed the small though important part that I had in the film. I am sure I was noticed in the very first go", she reasons.

Coming to her co-stars, one has mostly seen her with relatively newer heroes like Mohit Ahlawat or Emraan Hashmi. How was it to suddenly find herself paired opposite much senior Ajay Devgan?

"You are forgetting Madhavan who was already a superstar when I did my first film with it, albeit in South." She continues, "Talking of Ajay Devgan, I think it's all in his eyes. The kind of expressions that he can give through his eyes are typically Ajay. And when people say that he is intense and powerful, they do so with a reason. He is so versatile and that only suits the multiple shades that his character takes."

Were there any special instructions from Ram Gopal Varma to her to act in a particular way? "No", says Nisha promptly, "You have to work with him to see the way he gives instructions. He doesn't make you follow a particular method to act. He wants you to understand a scene and then act spontaneously. There isn't any special piece of advice that comes from him."

This means that she was completely on her own when it came to enacting Ghunghroo? "Well almost. It goes all the way back to the photo shoot when he asked me to do the 'tapori' act. I used my own clothes and mere apne dimaag se jo ban paaya, maine woh kiya."

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