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Pankaj Kapoor speaks about Dharm

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Is there any difference you see in yourselves since the last time you worked with each other?
She was always a very fine actress. I think her approach towards preparing for her part has changed. Now she has started looking at her character as somebody who is different than what she is or what general characterization is. She has become more specific towards her character.

Can you tell us something about Halla Bol with Rajkumar Santoshi and Ajay Devgan?
In Halla Bol , I play a theatre actor with certain background that will be revealed in the film. Ajay Devgan happens to be person who used to work with me in the theatre who goes ahead in life to become a big star and in the mainstream of his life this character of mine comes back at a given point. From there on, these two characters have a particular thing to take up and they both move together further in the course of life to find solutions to certain dramatic situations that come up in the film.

Tell us about your forthcoming film The Blue Umbrella .
As the title suggest the film is about a blue umbrella. A little child finds a blue umbrella one fine day while walking down somewhere. Because of that umbrella, the girl becomes a star as everybody wants to own that mystical umbrella and the shopkeeper also wants to own that umbrella. Then what follows is the story of the film. I play a small- time shopkeeper in a little village in Himachal Pradesh.

Why the delay in the release of the film?
I don't know the exact reasons for it. You should ask Vishal (Bharadwaj), the director and UTV, the producers about it.

You have also done a third film, Blood Brothers with Vishal Bharadwaj. Can you tell something about it?
I have done a small part in Blood Brothers . It's a short film created for AIDS awareness. Vishal is doing another feature film in which I might be doing a role. Though I still haven't signed the film, talks are still going on. We will be deciding on the proceedings in a week's time.

Tell us something about Good Sharma .
The shooting of my part in Good Sharma is completed. I am playing the role of Good Sharma's friend. My character is called Hanuman who is a local village man. The film does not belong to any genre as such as it has everything in it-drama, humour, romance, etc. The director Suri Krishnamma is from London and the producer is Bhavna Talwar's husband, Sheetal, also the producer of Dharm .

So how was it working for the second time with Sheetal.
It was very good. We have become great friends now. There is a great comfort level. I have my own space; I believe I can come in and go out whenever I wish to.

Are you a part of Rakesh Roshan's production Krazy 4 ?
I could not become a part of Krazzy 4 because I couldn't organize dates. Though I like the part and the script, I could not become a part of the film.

Your son Shahid's film Fool N Final released last week and Dharm is releasing this Friday. So do you see that as competition and how do you feel about it?

I feel very good about it. His film is releasing and so is ours. So it is very good for the family film business! People are going to see all of us, so it is fantastic.

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