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"The scenario of television is rather boring" - Pankaj Kapoor

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Pankaj Kapoor needs no introduction as everyone is aware of his films and the character played by him. It may be Mr. Tarneja from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro or the title role from the most popular tele-serial Karamchand or Mussadilal from the award winning Office Office, Pankaj Kapoor made every character memorable through his performance.

His forthcoming film Dharm and his role of a pundit will be an addition to his best works. Being selective about the films and the roles that he plays on screen, actor Pankaj Kapoor has three releases lined up this year. He talks to us about his forthcoming film Dharm and other forthcoming films as well.

Tell us something about your forthcoming film Dharm ?
Dharm deals with the family of a Pandit who lives with his family in a city called Banaras. He is the most respected Pundit in Banaras. A pundit, who practices the vedic way of life, where he speaks about how a person should live his life. Certain things happen to him and to his family which changes his perspective and understanding of religion. That is precisely what the film is about.

The role in Dharm looks different from the regular characters that you have portrayed in the past. How have you prepared yourself for the role?
There was some kind of preparation required to play the role, according to its script and character. Then you try and play that human being on screen and try and be that person. Make an attempt to be that person on screen as much as you can so that you can create a new human being which is not you. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don't. That kind of ground work was done. While the toughest thing for me as an actor was the shlokas that I had to sing. I am not used to that kind of Sanskrit and language. That was tedious for me but then it was a part of my role so I had to deliver it the way a pundit, so conveniently and easily delivers them.

What made you go for the role?
I read the script and liked it. I liked what the film was saying and of course my character. We discussed about the script for three months. We had discussions on things like the way the director wanted to present it and the way I wanted to portray it. After three months we actually started working on it.

We haven't seen much of you these days. Why?
Frankly speaking I haven't done many movies. I like to give enough time to prepare myself for the part I am playing in the film, so I am choosy about my roles. This given year there was pressure of television serials. I was doing Office Office which took of lot of time and there was nothing of that kind that I would like to play so I didn't pick any film. But now there are some interesting films lined up for release

How was it working with your wife Supriya Pathak after 18 long years?
Well it's always a pleasure to work with your spouse because there is certain level of understanding. We worked together in Mohandas BA.LLB , which was our home production and directed by me. There was a long gap but that there has to be substantial part for both of us to work together for a film. I have regards for her as an actor. She is a fine actress. She has a very different approach towards acting as compared to me. But in our own ways we have a way of handling a character. There are so many other factors which another actor or actress may not consider while working but a husband and wife do because they know each other. They know the comfort areas of each other, so it becomes much easier for you to be able to give that space required.


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