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Pooja Bhatt chats with her fans

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pooja bhatt started her career as an actor in Daddy (1991). Pooja has given the film industry successful films like Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Sadak, Sir, Zakhm and so on. Pooja turned producer with her film Tamanna and ventured into direction with Paap in 2004. Dhoka is Pooja Bhatt"s next directorial venture. The film is set to release on August 31.

HD: who acc to u is a better director u or your father?
pooja bhatt : well I have just started directing, so gimme 35 yrs in this business then u can ask that question. Besides, who do u think is a better actress, me or my father?

Khurram: How was it working with shahrukh in Chahat???
pooja bhatt : it was good working with srk in chahat

Nick: hi pooja your new film dhoka looks good
pooja bhatt : thank u nick

Mubin: Can u tell Me Pooja Do u Agree with Sanjay Dutt Verdict
pooja bhatt : u n me r no one to agree with sanjay dutt"s verdict or disagree with it either. We need to allow the people in charge to do their job justly and fairly

Piyaa: hi pooja... there is a lot of good hype surrounding your brother. When are you launching him?
pooja bhatt : not before the end of the yr

Khurram : What role is anupam kher playing in Dhoka???
pooja bhatt : a role modeled on Kwajha Younis's father. I hope u know who that is

Piyaa: pooja come back to the movies... you are an excellent actor
pooja bhatt : thank u but I had gone nowhere darling

SHINE STAR: wat was it like working in daddy your first film any special memories from den?
pooja bhatt : its too long back to remember

Raghu Jetly : hey Pooja.....i liked ur directorial movie Paap, Jism it was awesum
pooja bhatt : hey raghu, is that ur real name or have u been inspired by dil hai ke manta nahi

Khurram : Whats ur fav song in the film pooja?
pooja bhatt : my fav song is 'roya re' done by shiraz from pakistan

Dhara : ashutosh rana is the BEST actor this industry has produced, do u agree?
pooja bhatt : i agree that he is by far one of the best actors produced in this industry n im glad that his first film was produced my me

neha thaker : pooja wn is nect time u gointo audition for nect films? and where?
pooja bhatt : we'll keep u posted on open auditions thru indiafm

sunny : have u seen cdi..did u like it
pooja bhatt : i hv not seen cdi unfortunately. i want to go to theatre n see it

G@ME : wat went wrong with holiday
pooja bhatt : i dunno what went rt with jism so i dun know what went wrong with holiday. any filmmaker who claims to know is lying

Khurram : wat do u admire about ur dad
pooja bhatt : his courage to stand alone n speak his mind

Rhea: hi...Holiday does ot seem to be film by a woman of your sensibilities... Comment
pooja bhatt : im glad u hold my sensibilities in such high regard. i hope i dun disappoint u wiht dhoka

rhea : now that the msinstream films are getting younger and fresher. How do you see your self fitting in...? Coz i wud love to see u act again
pooja bhatt : I didnt fit into it when i was 24. why shld i fit into it when in 35? i will only play my age n im not about to become a neurotic woman, competing with someone half her age

vishu : Pooja, I just wanna saythank u for using MM Kreem for your films. I think he is fabulous but the film industry has not used his potential
pooja bhatt : thank u vishu for acknowledging mr mm kreem brilliance. acc to me he is the most under rated music director in the country

anything : Hi again, I have heard that you have got some kashmiri roots. Right? What do you think of Kashmir now?
pooja bhatt : I dont have any kashmiri roots, i have gujarati, muslim, armenian, scotish n burmese roots. isnt that enuf for one lifetime?

supergirl : what inspired the storyline of dhoka
pooja bhatt : i feel strongly about the kashmir issue, hence i hv included the issue of custodial deaths in kashmir in dhoka

Raghu Jetly : Y did u cast Tulip Joshi for this role der r many good actresses
pooja bhatt : like who raghu, hahahaa. besides she is correct for this role, onnce u watch her, u will know what i mean

Raghu Jetly : Wat made u to get into Direction
pooja bhatt : becos its imp to me to learn every aspect of filmmaking n im proud to be the only producer-director- production designer and actor in the country

anuj : i have heard Muzammil Ibrahim is ur discovery... how did u find him?
pooja bhatt : he found me. He came to my music launch of holiday on a borrowed invitation. A gesture that i thgt was quite sweet. Unfortunately, he is embarrassed of that n denies it.

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