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"I love sindhi curry" : Preeti Jhangiani

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Charla : Hello Preeti, How are you? My question is, what do you feel is your best performance till date?
Preeti Jhangiani : i feel my best performance is in sukh with govinda

ajay : is there any plan of marriage in near future? wld u wrk after marriage?
Preeti Jhangiani : no plans of marriage yet... but anyway i will never leave films or acting i love it too much!!

SCANI : hi..! Preeti.:! do u feel comfortable to do bold scens?
Preeti Jhangiani : no i am not comfy in bold scenes

Usama : r u brand concious? if yes which is ur fav brand?
Preeti Jhangiani : fav brand guess

Rubab : hw do you select ur movies ?
Preeti Jhangiani : i look at director and banner and story

Jot Singh : Kiddan Preeti! I'm from the UK&was wondering when is your punjabi film coming out&are you punjabi in real life?
Preeti Jhangiani : my punjabi film with bally should be out soon .. i ve seen it ... its really nice u ll love it!!.. maybe in the next 2 months itll be out for sure... no im not punjabi .. im sindhi

shaker : wht is VN 203 all about?
Preeti Jhangiani : its about 6 people running after diamonds its a comic caper

ajay : u like sindhi karee?
Preeti Jhangiani : love sindhi curry!!

ViVekLoVeYoU : wht is ur fav passs time ?
Preeti Jhangiani : fav pass time reading

Rubab : hey hw ws it wrking with Kamal Sadahna? hws he as a producer? he ws my fav
Preeti Jhangiani : yes will say hi to him... graeat guy!! great producer!! very good loooking!!

Aakib : Tell me about your character in Victoria No 203 because I havent seen the old one.
Preeti Jhangiani : my role is glamourous . very european style... negative role .. strong and .. plans the whole robbery

Akshay_kumar : Your greatest strength??
Preeti Jhangiani : being natural in front of that camera

ViVekLoVeYoU : hav you signed any film?
Preeti Jhangiani : have signed .. but not telling!!

ajay : in which school u studied?
Preeti Jhangiani : g d somani in cuffe parade and st josephs in bandra

Shahzeb : Hi, l really loved ur sweet and nice role in Mohabbatein, i didnt like much of ur recent film, did u always wanted to do sexy and revealing roles or it just happened?
Preeti Jhangiani : no .. never wanted to do reveling roles.. will never do aagain ... vitoria is not rvealing role

Jot Singh : Do you have any movies coming up with Anil Kapoor? If not, would you like to work with AAnil Kapoor?
Preeti Jhangiani : would love to work with anil kapoor.. but not yet!!

: wht is ur fav film till date?
Preeti Jhangiani : fav film chak de

allie : hey Preeti...I love your smile!!why do you never come to the IIFA awards
Preeti Jhangiani : im always busy!! never get to go only

cool shah : dint YRF offer you their next project after Mohabbatien?
Preeti Jhangiani : they willl when they have a good role for me

rJ : sup Preeti! I recently saw you on VOI show; your golden dress looked really awsum
Preeti Jhangiani : thank you rj.. had good fun on that show

Ali : Hw do u maintain urself so well?
Preeti Jhangiani : i work out everyday I m a big eater

deem : whos ur fav actor?
Preeti Jhangiani : fav actor .. aamir

yasmas : don u think u made mistakes while choosing some films?
Preeti Jhangiani : yes i def made mistakes!!... Trying to be more choosy

ViVekLoVeYoU : Aap ki sundarta Ka Raaaj?
Preeti Jhangiani : sundarta ka raaz hai keep smiling .. dont worry

ViVekLoVeYoU : Any hollywood Project?
Preeti Jhangiani : no holly wood project

ViVekLoVeYoU : wld you go for any offbeat film ?
Preeti Jhangiani : of course i love offbeat cinema

Rahul : hey love ur style babes u rock!
Preeti Jhangiani : thank u i think style is very personal thing u should only be comfortable not try to blindly follow trends

ikramsk : hey i liked your rashri vedeo and fell in luv with you...
Preeti Jhangiani : thank u .. i love the rajshri video also

Gurvi : wht keeps you fit? U r in damn sexy shape...gives me sme tips yaaa
Preeti Jhangiani : eat moderately.. Exercise is a must... sorry no other way!!!

yasmas : hi Preeti,what was ur expectation from film industry when u got super hit in early stage of ur carier we expect more such films frm you.
Preeti Jhangiani : i wold love to do more films... but must get good roles will not do if he role or banner and director is not big

Pakiza : hiiiii Preeti, im so glad ur here! i loved ur performance in mohabbatein! and im looking forward to ur new film! im sure u'll rock !! :-)
Preeti Jhangiani : i am content ... but world love to do better roles and more roles

sam : wht do youthink abt ur career at this point? wld you say that u r happy with the way it's going?
Preeti Jhangiani : i dont think ayone is ever fully satisfied with their career

rozas : do you hav any twin sis ...hav seen a girl jus like you in US...hav u been there in last week?
Preeti Jhangiani : no i dont have a twin.. i have one real sister.. she lives in the US. She"s a year older than me... I m sorry she"s married

am : Hw ws it wrking with Jimmy and that new girl ?
Preeti Jhangiani : jimmy was great... the new girl is very sweet...very enthusiastic... very prettty

Gurvi : any ego hassels on the shoot?
Preeti Jhangiani : no ego hassels ... i never fight with anyone!!!

ROHIL : have you been to paris?
Preeti Jhangiani : yes i love paris

ash : if nt actress wht wld u be
Preeti Jhangiani : dont know maybe computer grafic designer or painter

ROHIL : whos ur frends frm bollywood except kim
Preeti Jhangiani : amrita arora, jimmy and aaftab

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