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      Priyanka speaks of <i>Salaam-E-Ishq</i>

      By Super Admin

      How did Salaam-E-Ishq happen to you and what made you sign this movie?

      Salaam-E-Ishq just happened. Nikhil came and narrated the film to me. More than the film, I found him very amusing and that was more than half the reason why I did the film. He is very funny as a person and extremely entertaining. I knew just by the way he was passionate about his work that he would make a very good film. My part in the film also was very interesting. The concept of how he wanted to execute this film, in terms of its screenplay and his vision was really nice. So the whole package of film really worked.

      For the first time you are playing the role of an item girl, didn't you feel a little apprehensive about the character?

      I am playing a character of an item girl, it is not just the song that I am doing in some film where I do not have anything to do. It is the life of an item girl and I found that very fascinating because we do not thing about that. Nobody offers her a dialogue, so it is the biggest dilemma. Why don't people think I can talk well? They think I can dance well that is all they want me to do, why don't I get the films. This is what the item girl wonders. It was fascinating to play that.

      Did you do any kind of research for this role?

      Nikhil knew exactly what he wanted, but yes we did derive a lot for the character of Kamini, from a lot of people that we have interacted with and met. I think that yes, I did derive a lot of inspiration from many people.

      You have worked with Nikhil Advani for the first time. How was your experience?

      I think that Nikhil is one of my best directors. He is immensely talented and working with him was an incredible experience because he knows what he wants but at the same time, he gives you so much freedom as a performer to do what you want. He encourages you incredibly, so I think we have got some beautiful performances in this film. We have some very good actors in this film as well and I am really looking forward to seeing them on screen.

      You have worked with Salman Khan for the second time, how is your rapport with him?

      He is really nice person, somebody I look up to. He is extremely helpful. He sat me down; he talked to me about what I should do and how I should do this. It is very much like reinventing of himself as an actor when he is performing. When a scene is given to him, it will never turn out to be the same thing that was written on the paper, because he is constantly adding things and making changes and trying to make it better. I think a combination of Nikhil and him worked really well because Nikhil knew where to hold us back when we were totally going mad about what to do. It was a great combination.

      Being in a multi-starer movie, did not you feel that you could have got lost somewhere in this huge crowd?

      I did not think so at all. First of all because it is like watching six short films back to back. The track of Kamini and Rahul is very interesting. It is funny, it has got emotions, it makes you cry, and it makes you laugh. I was very confident about the film from the beginning.

      Was there any incident that actually made you cry when you were playing the role of the item-girl Kamini?

      Kamini is not real character. I think it is the most far-fetched character in the film. Please do not think that Kamini is a real character. I do not think anybody could be as mad as her, at least in the beginning because she becomes very real at the end. But I think the only characters which are fantastical in this movie are Rahul and Kamini. I do not know if I cried but I did laugh. I laughed so much in this film.

      The audience will see you as more of an action heroine after what they saw in Don and Krissh or will they see you more as a romantic heroine?

      This is an entirely romantic film. It is complete romantic comedy from the beginning to the end, so they will only see romance. It will be like a dose of romance, more romance and more romance.

      What about music? Which are your favourite songs in this movie?

      I love the music of Salaam-E-Ishq. I love Yarabba, which is a sad song. Besides that I like Saiyya re, which is a song between Akshaye Khanna and me. I like the title song of Salaam-E-Ishq as well.

      What does ishq mean to you?

      I think Ishq is the most important thing in life. If people don't know the feeling of love, I cannot imagine what life would be. There are so many types of love - you love your parents, you might feel love for the colour red, you might feel love for your dog, your boyfriend, your husband. I think love is a feeling which overcomes and conquers everything and that is what this film pays a tribute to, it is a Saalam to Ishq, which is the biggest and the most incredible feeling. I think that poets and romantics and people have died over trying to explain this and putting this in as many words as possible but still it is the freshest feeling in the world and that is what the tribute is for.

      What are your upcoming projects after Salam-e-Ishq?

      After Salaam-E-Ishq, I think there should be God Tussi Great Ho, which is with Salmaan again and Amitabh Bachhan, then there is Lovestory 2050, which is again something I am looking forward to and there is Drona, which will come at the end of the year.

      Would you like to say something to your audience on IndiaFM?

      Please go and watch Salaam-E-Ishq because it is complete entertainment, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you completely hysterical. Every kind of emotion that you want to feel, you would feel in those couple of hours. There would be one story or the other in the film, which you would be able to relate to. All the stories are derived from real emotions. It is a really very nice film.

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