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"I have served food at Tina Ambani's wedding" Rakhi... Contd.

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I don"t care if I die tomorrow...
I know how I survived for so many years in this industry and today I don"t have a desire to live any longer. Aisa kya face kiya hai maine? Think???? I have faced everything, and casting couch is a very small thing which exists everywhere not only in this industry but everywhere… for females as well as males. There is so much dirt in this kalyug, and God should take birth now.

I have always been living and doing things for others and nothing for myself… for myself I am just alive and if I die tomorrow I don"t care! There are no pleasures in my life… I am wearing a solitaire but still I don"t feel good… I am not interested in money, diamonds, work, house or even my boyfriend. I have everything… yet I am not happy because I have lots of sadness in my heart. I will die in peace when all the children studying in Municipal schools all over India get access to computers. I would like to donate my eyes, kidney before dying.

The law was right when Sanjay Dutt got punished...
For me he is not Sanjay Dutt, the star he is just another criminal and poor people who died in the blasts got justice when those who had committed crime went to jail. I thanked God that he did justice for all. I was very happy when Sanjay Dutt got punished and I don"t care if the entire industry turns against me due to my quotes. The industry is matlabi and they want Sanjay Dutt to be free because their money is involved.

No one dare ask me why I am giving such quotes as everyone knows what is the truth and they all know what happened is right. But I am not talking about Sanjay Dutt, I am talking about that person who has committed a crime towards our nation and I think always about the poor because the rich are trapped in maintaining their own high profile image. I hate it when these hypocrites wearing designer clothes talk big about helping the poor in front of the camera but the moment the camera is switched off they forget everything.

Everyday somebody says why don"t you change yourself a bit?
They say I am too honest and ek din yeh sach tumhe le dubega and I am left thinking am I wrong? Is it a sin to be honest… but if I stop being honest how do I survive? I talk to myself and I try be diplomatic but I cannot do it. I don"t think there is anything that I want to change about myself. I agree that in your profession sometimes you have to be diplomatic but it is not necessary that you move ahead in your career by only being diplomatic than what talent do you have?

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