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Rakhi has a tough time with her parents

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There has been a lot of tension in your family after you shifted in with your boyfriend
I have never got any help in my life not even from my mother and father. I have walked alone in my life. My mother also did not like this initially. Just for saying I say that yes she supported me a lot and she is with me but no one supported me.

I share my views with public. When my father left my mother she also said that why I gave birth to my daughter, why you came in film line? But today she says that whatever my daughter has done is right even my father says so.

No one supported me at that time. I was always alone. I am not for anyone. I will do only for my people. But today I have settled them to. Now I have told them that now don't expect much more from me. Because whatever I had to do for them I have done it and now I need some time for my people.

In Big Boss we also discovered that you have a great sense of humour...
My sense of humor has become very strong. I have struggled a lot from the age of 10. I have started earning with a mere salary of Rs 50 per day. With the grace of god I am earning well today. A girl of my age has seen so many Diwali's, Holis and met so many people that my sense of humor has increased.

From where do you get your bindaas attitude?
I don't know why this happened in my body and why I do this. But I do what god asks me to. God comes and says child do this work. You need to believe me because if you do good work then you are called god and if you do bad work then you are called demon. I believe in all these things.

I can't see any injustice on the people. I believe in god and god has said then before you die, if not 100% at least do 50% good. I will definitely do something for poor children because once I was also a poor child and today I have progressed so much even though I don't know English. It's just because of my confidence.

I think of those boys and girls who learn in municipal school or parents of whom can't afford to have an English teacher. If I become something in life then I will issue a law for them because today in our country education is really important.

Hence, according to my affordability, I am providing computer education and we are also adopting two schools on behalf of Lions Club for their education. If they become big after learning then no one will go abroad. Everything will be available in our country.

Why don't you believe in marriage?
Earlier, I was very excited because I was in love and that time I thought I will marriage because I never thought about love. But the three months feeling could not be understood by anyone unless they stay there. That was love and I still love my boyfriend Abhishek but I will not marry. I am not interested in marriage. Because I saw nowadays they marriage first and then they divorce. Instead I would believe in relationship. At least, he will not think me as nothing. He will respect me.

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