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"If I were Shilpa then I would have slapped Goody..." - Rakhi Sawant

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vik : have you and mika patched up?
Rakhi Sawant : no never patched up with Mika...is janam mein to bikul nahi

Pappi : kai madam kasa haas tumhi?
Rakhi Sawant : pappi...mein idam..jhakas ahe..tumi kashe aahat..

sunny : hey rakhi abhishek is from my city kanpur
Rakhi Sawant : abhishek is saying hi to u...

martianman : will u act in a karan johar film if offered a chance?
Rakhi Sawant : neki aur pooch pooch...karan will b happy

lucky : do u think mona chopra is a challenge for u
Rakhi Sawant : i dont know who is she...god bless her...film industry mein uska naam ho...

rakhi4u : i think u have the perfect body and attitude fot that
Rakhi Sawant : thanks...rakhi4u

marathimulga : hi rakhi, I am so proud u are a marathi mulgi
Rakhi Sawant : thanks a lot.. Then i am proud to be an Indian and maharashtrian as well

raaka sawant : will you give me a jaadu ki jhappi and one big pappi
Rakhi Sawant : definitely. I will give jhappi from my side n pappi from abhishek side

rakhi ki fan : Rakhi I think you should have won Bigg Boss.. You were better than Rahul Roy MUCH better
Rakhi Sawant : thanks a lot... but its not a problem... doesn't matter who wins...but I won lots of love from everybody

nicks : how were ur relation with ravi during big boss
Rakhi Sawant : nicks... good relation..but he never understood me in the house...but afterwards comin out from the house...he understood and he said rakhi u r a nice person...i luv u my baccha

rehan : What about marriage Rakhi
Rakhi Sawant : rehan..i m not interested right now... its time to do some good work,,,as i want to earn lots of money n do charity work..if i get married money will not come

Rash-pak : Raskhi hello to u from all pakies, we want to see ur acting in movies not just
Rakhi Sawant : rash...just wait n watch..i m doin lots of things...lots of tv shows...ofcourse item nos n videos..

sam : what if u get to work with srk?
Rakhi Sawant : sam.. its not a big deal...had already worked with srk in main hoon na

chotu : Rakhi Didi..agar shilpa ki jagah aap hoti to kya kartin..goody ko thapad maarti?
Rakhi Sawant : chotu... if i were Shilpa then i wud have slapped goody and the won money wud have contributed to the beggars of UK

shahid : hi rakhi i like ur comedy in big boss
Rakhi Sawant : shahid... thanks a lot..i am very natural...

abhi : hi rakhi.they say there is no smoke without fire... why do u think its always media's fault in all the controversies surrounding you. Dont you think you too are responsible somewhere?
Rakhi Sawant : abhi... if i do something good..they convert it into a controversy...sometimes accidents r converted into controversies

rakhi ki fan : I have been waiting for so long to talk to my idol
Rakhi Sawant : rakhi ki fan... lets talk... n u r talking to me

annu : hello rakhi how r u? im annu from pakistan.. im really impressed by ur personality after watching big boss
Rakhi Sawant : annu... thanks n keep watching my shows, videos n films...

Rash-pak : Rakhi choose one 1-srk 2-salman khan 3-amir khan
Rakhi Sawant : rash... i cant choose one..i want all of them...they r the tigers of bollywood
rakhi ki fan : Kasa kai?
Rakhi Sawant : me bari aahe..

taim : when did u meet abhishek
Rakhi Sawant : taim..i met abhishek 5 yrs ago when he was a fan of mine in lucknow

annu : hi its annu from pakistan.. rakhi i really liked u in big boss.. You are very straight foward thts the best quality u have
Rakhi Sawant : annu..thank u baby... be like me..n keep watchin my new show...

mirchi : do u have any plans to act in a Marathi Movie?
Rakhi Sawant : mirchi... definitely..if i get good offer..but i will choose gud work...

baba : do u think priyanka chopra copied ur moves
Rakhi Sawant : baba.. i have heard abt it..she is a gr8 actress...nowadays people r writing my character in movies

moses sapir : how it was work with deepak tijori?
Rakhi Sawant : moses.. cool... he is a nice director..but in big boss i realised what kind of person he is...

Krishna_Lall : I was wondering if you would work with Salman Khan one day?
Rakhi Sawant : krishna... i wish that wud be my pleasure

Krishna_Lall : Why do Koffee With Karan people always bring your name up for?
Rakhi Sawant : krishna.. bcos i m famous and karan loves me..n i luv him too...

Vee : Rakhiji do you think you will act outside bollywood as well ????????
Rakhi Sawant : vee... if i get good offers.

moses sapir : amitabh as don ya sharukh as don??
Rakhi Sawant : moses... amitabh..ofcourse..bcos srk looks good in romantic movies

abhi : whom do you hate the most in bigg boss?
Rakhi Sawant : abhi.. kashmira and rupali ...rahul roy..

martianman : will u act in an art film wearing a white sari ?
Rakhi Sawant : martianman... y not...i dont want to put make up also..

bhavin : when you yourself have admitted that you do not know English how can you answer so fluently in English
Rakhi Sawant : i know English n write as well but cant speak fluent...thats y always speak in hindi... dont want people to substandard..

bhavin : how it was working with amitabh bachchan in shootout and with shahrukh in main hoon na???
Rakhi Sawant : bhavin... gr8 experience... with both of them...i have done selected movies...with great stars

ameeyn : will you ever do a movie or an item number that doesn't involves vulgarity or
Rakhi Sawant : ammeyn...thanks..if i wear anything...i can carry it off very well....whether its a sari or swimsuit..as i am gifted with a gr8 body

moses sapir : what is ur role in Buddha Mar Gaya ?
Rakhi Sawant : moses... i am playing where all bhudda get heart attack...a hot babe...

Maham : rakhi g u r a very good dancer...who is yr fave dancer from bollywood?
Rakhi Sawant : maham... i like helenji..

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