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"If I were Shilpa then I would have slapped Goody..." - rakhi sawant

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sam555 : who are the hottest women
rakhi sawant : from hollywood...shakira...JLO n christina

sudpsam : whts ur dream role?
rakhi sawant : sudpsam... what will be the difference in my dream role... what i am offered i do..

meghs : will u do more music videos?
rakhi sawant : i am very happy doin my videos...

Pinku : which part of maharashtra are u from?
rakhi sawant : ratnagiri

teknikad : rakhi...if u could create any role for urself what would it be???
rakhi sawant : teknikad...i want to play meena kumari of pakeezah...madhuabala in mughaleazam n sridevi in sadma

cyd : did u meet any of ur big boss mates after show ended??
rakhi sawant : cyd... i haven't met anyone after the show

moses sapir : how it was work with farha khan in mhn?
rakhi sawant : moses...great she is a gr8 director n person...

asad : has big boss changed ur life??
rakhi sawant : asad...big boss..has changed my life..i have got lots of respect n fans...

Kashmera Shah : What do you think of Baba Sehgal who was your housemate in BIGG BOSS?
rakhi sawant : baba sehgal...he is not baba sehgal...his name is rajma chawal the guy is crazy..n he is very honest like me

martianman : who is ur role model?
rakhi sawant : martian.. dev anand, and sridevi ..i luv her

meghs : rakhi u will be great in comedy roles
rakhi sawant : yes i can do any kind of comedy role

mumbhai : i think u would have been perfect for the yeh mera dil song in new Don
rakhi sawant : mumbhai...thanks ...if i cud have got that song i wud have done better than hers with lots of spice

moses sapir : ur amitabh fav movie?
rakhi sawant : moses... Don.. Mr Natwarlal, shehanshah..sholay..etc

moses sapir : wud u like to dance in some award functions?
rakhi sawant : moses... am already doing it...have done award shows with hrithik n prabhudeva..i am luckiest one

Shekhar : tu mala bhetnar ka?
rakhi sawant : shekhar... me tumala betnaar ...tar abhishek che kai honar

martianman : rakhi ko gussa kab atha hai?
rakhi sawant : martian...gussa isliye aata hai..kyunku i dont like liars...

shilpa : rakhi i really like yr dressing sense
rakhi sawant : thanks a lot... dear

parijaan : hey rakhi...after mallika sherawat....you r the new most talked about hot gals on
rakhi sawant : mallika sherawat has a good body and me too. i really respect mallika..as she is like me... bold n beautiful...she blunt...like me other actresses are very diplomatic

Dolly_4ever : rakhi i think ur very intelligent and smart
rakhi sawant : dolly...thanku aapne to mujhe pehchana

shafin : for all the time u stayed in big boss house, were any of u ever allowed to go out of the house? Be honest
rakhi sawant : ofcourse not..it was like a jail... n this was a reality show...if i gud have gone out then i wud have run away first

saif : rakhi till date who was ur best co-star?
rakhi sawant : saif... paresh rawal , om puri n anupam kher

cticize : Rakhi are you a trained dancer ?
rakhi sawant : god gifted dancer

moses sapir : yash chopra ya subhash ghai?
rakhi sawant : yash chopra

sexyman28 : i am a big fan of amitabh bachchan's..any plans to work with him
rakhi sawant : i am working with amitji in shootout at lokhandwala

Dolly_4ever : ur a rockstar and i love ur straightforward attitude, u are not hypocrite like other actors
rakhi sawant : dolly..thanku baby... i respect ur luv for me...

milind soman : love ur skin...what products do u use? pls tell
rakhi sawant : i eat lots of aloe Vera early morning

Dolly_4ever : pls can u tell me ur workout routine ? i love ur fit body
rakhi sawant : dolly... don't eat anything after 7 ...have good breakfast n lunch

hiba : what do you prefer, music videos or movies?
rakhi sawant : hiba...both, n tv shows as well

nad : aap ne kabhi kisi se pyar kiya
rakhi sawant : nad....maine aapse pyaar kiya...but my luv is abhishek

rabia : rakhi..r u angry with the meet brothers
rakhi sawant : ofcourse they r not meet brothers ..they r cheat brothers

amitslg : hiii Rakhi i cudn't believe i m talking 2 u...ur so hot
rakhi sawant : baby u have to believe ..It's me ur luv...i m hot as i luv to eat spicy

moses sapir : u have some plan to come to dubai?
rakhi sawant : of..i am dying to come to dubai...bcos i want to shop n roam..there haven't got any shows there

poonam : rakhiji would u like to essay other roles like ayesha takia in Dor
rakhi sawant : definitely...poonam..she is good actress...

khetmal jain : ur my role model .... mee tula khoop prem kartey
rakhi sawant : khet... emran hashmi overrated

martianman : do u have a website?
rakhi sawant : no i dont have a website

Dolly_4ever : do u like more - marathi movies, tamil movies, hindi movies??
rakhi sawant : dolly...jo bhi movies sahi hai...language doesnt make much of a difference

cticize : Rakhi how come you were voted back in Big Boss house ?
rakhi sawant : chamatkar ho gaya...public ne vote kiya...without u big boss was nothing...so they call me in one night

hiba : what is your fav. Holidays spot
rakhi sawant : i like Switzerland. But i guess it wud be my dream only

cticize : Rakhi who is your favorite choreographer ?
rakhi sawant : farah khan n ganesh hedge

jatt4life : rakhi ur really hot, you have the best body in bollywood
rakhi sawant : jat...so sweet...but i had put on after big boss... main maintain kar lungi

Aniket : People say that you looked at the cameras in Bigg Boss and spoke. Was it intentional or because you were camera conscious?
rakhi sawant : there were cameras everywhere expect toilet...

gurl666 : rakhi as a person hw much wud u rate urself out of 10
rakhi sawant : gurl.. 6 out of 10

hiba : whats your motto in life :)
rakhi sawant : ek insan aur actress banna...n help everyone.. work honestly

Khan : i think ur very beautiful
rakhi sawant : khan... u have got lovely eyes

Dolly_4ever : which is best beauty salon in mumbai? pls honest answer
rakhi sawant : dolly... they r soo many

vin : how do u handle criticism
rakhi sawant : vin...i bless them... critize me as much as u can but be clear from within

Dolly_4ever : wat is ur personal style : designer / street-wear / comfortablle / party-wear
rakhi sawant : dolly... casual...

farha : you look good with glasses!
rakhi sawant : farha...yeah..thanku..i wear bcos of style

munib : are you happy about Shilpa Shettys victory in Big Brother?
rakhi sawant : munib..of course i m very happy... to make india feel proud...

farha : whats your favorite song????
rakhi sawant : farha.. mohabbat hai mirchi...n pardesiya.. n.. aakiyon ke... yeh kahan aa gaye hum...

Vishy : do you have any pets?
rakhi sawant : no pets..

rakhi sawant : ok...it was nice chatting with u all...i will chat with u all after releasing my video Super Girl...n keep watching. luv u All!!!!!


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