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Lady luck will persuade Ramu to be calm

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By: Kesavan Kanchi Kandadai, IndiaFM
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I would really sympathise with Ramu for the way people wrote about him.

My respect for Vikram Bhatt multiplied when he wrote an article in Hindustan Times recently. He said, "Criticise the product and not the person" - in context with all comments being written in media about Ramu.

I am dead sure that there are much worse movies made by many others including the famous YRF banner, but seldom someone takes a bashing like this. The worst has been a veteran film critic, whom from now I Hate. That guy could not give a single hit in each of his directorial efforts, and he writes such absurdity about Ramu!? My heart went out for him. Worse was when he wrote in a similar tone on Darling also.

Press somewhere crossed the line and used Ramu as a scapegoat for sensational news. The movie could be really bad, but just say that and leave it.

Having said all this, Ramu should also learn his lessons well. Initially, when he used to make movies, he used to get involved right from scripting to music, to editing to post production work and finish the product. That's how a Satya or a Rangeela got made.

Nowadays, he just does not focus on all these and just directs the movie. Also his steam to direct movies also fades in between of making one movie.

One statement he said sums it all. When asked that why he hadn't worked with A.R. Rahman, he said, "I do not have the patience to work with him. He is a genius and takes time to compose music, whereas I have no patience and if I want something, I want it like yesterday, instant".

That shows that his focus is going way.

I do not want to lose out on watching such a talented director making movies, to so many critics putting him down, and him getting his own downfall.

Hope he marries and lady luck will persuade him to be calm and focussed; probably that is where the solution lies.

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