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"I was in love with Sridevi..."

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He started of his career in Bollywood with Udhar Ki Zindagi (1994) and has done a number of films in Bollywood over the years, but it was the Bhojpuri Film industry where Ravi Kissen became a star. The Bhojpuri industry is growing bigger by the day and Ravi Kissen today is the superstar of Bhojpuri Cinema.

Ravi also continued to appear in Hindi films from time to time. He has now become a household name after participating in the reality television show, Bigg Boss. The show however has now ended and Ravi is ready for his next Hindi release, 1971, a film based on the fate of the Indian soldiers who were held as prisoners of war after 1971 between India and Pakistan.

Below is the transcript of excerpts of chat with Ravi Kishan

kavita: hi ravi...i m gr8 fan of urs...anf i loved u in BIgg Boss
Ravi Kishan : thank u so much. Love u too, u'll see me soon in hindi 1971

moses s israel : how it was work with Amrit Sagar??
Ravi Kishan: great working

Muktesh : I have been watching your movies quite recently..
Ravi Kishan : thank u so much, keep watching me, i'll b surprising u, its bcoz of u guys that i am here

moses s israel : ravi u work with amitabh in ganga how it was??
Ravi Kishan : it was like having a bath in ganga when i worked with mr. bachchan. i learnt a lot from him.

happy: how did bhojpuri movies happened 2 u??????
Ravi Kishan : i had no work n then then Mr. Brijesh tiwari took me to mohanji prasad and thas when it all started

Muktesh : and I like your acting as "Totla", son of tiwari sait in Phi HeraPheri
Ravi Kishan : im doing hera pheri part 3 as d main villain as totla. So watch international hera pheri

zindagijhandba : ravi.....u were DA HOT guy in big boss.....
Ravi Kishan : lot of kisses n hugs n pray for me

anushree : Tell me ravi how is u r life after comeing out of the big boss house?
Ravi Kishan : life changed after bigg boss, lost 10 kg, started respecting life more, I've become a better person. I am more focused in life now.

moses s israel : u want to be oppsit kajol again after ukz??
Ravi Kishan : yea i will love to work with kajol. i had a great exp working with her in udhar ki zindagi

moses s israel : il like ur angry seen im keemat....
Ravi Kishan : thank u. im so touched. ppl have started noticing all my small roles like in Keemat

sallu : how much do you earn?
Ravi Kishan : i earn lot of love than money

Mahesh : Ravi bhai u rock.. I became a fan of yours after Bigg Boss.We liked you and Carol the most. Ravi are you and Carol friends even now? Who are you in touch with now?
Ravi Kishan : rahul, carol, baba sehgal all r in touch

kavita : ZINDAGI CHANDVA PHIR BHI GHAMANDVA..... i like that.
Ravi Kishan : now im flattered

toxicme : u were gud in tere naam
Ravi Kishan : i love that role too. it is one of my fav roles

exhale : how much it costs for producing bhojpuri films
Ravi Kishan : 1 crore-1.5 crore

moses s israel : ravi..............hrithik ya abhishek???
Ravi Kishan : both hrithik n abhishek. hrithik is a complete actor. abhishek I like a lot

srk : sir will u participate in big borother if u get an opportunity
Ravi Kishan : no I've learnt so much. I in fact had got that offer. But I've learnt a lot n I'll never go again

ausq_leo ahmed : big boss was all fake na..?? i mean that was all acting.. not real .. i think so ..
Ravi Kishan : bigg boss was hardcore reality

moses s israel : how it was work with sri devi in army???
Ravi Kishan : it was great. sri devi was my dream woman. I was in love with her b4 she got married

suresh : did u give party to all of ur bigboss housemates
Ravi Kishan : im giving party on march 3

bhavin : when success comes after lots and lots of hard work,you feel on top of the world.there is no fun in instant success.am i right???
Ravi Kishan : yea u r 100% rt. d success after struggle remains for a longer time than instant success

Big Boss : Do you really think Rahul Roy deserves to win BIG BOSS
Ravi Kishan : he is my pal n im happy for rahul. He wins I win same thing

carol : Ravi you were a favourite of my family in Bigg Boss
Ravi Kishan : i love ur family. say a big thank u to all of them

Ravi Kishan : they r doing very good. how about ur family
carol : how is your wife and kids?

moses s israel : how is the music in 1971?
Ravi Kishan : very great music. it has 2 songs but it is very young and fresh

ahmed qureshy : who&which iz ur fav. bolly actor.actress and movie???
Ravi Kishan : amitabh bachchan, hrithik, aamir khan, rani and kajol.....maqbool n black

aks : hi ravi!!! i really enjoyed Bigg Boss because of you
Ravi Kishan : thank u so much.....i'll keep entertaining u guys again in my future hindi films

Muktesh : where is the party and for what ?
Ravi Kishan : in bombay

D.O.L.L.Y : did u have the hots for Carol Gracius ?
Ravi Kishan : carol is amazing. I respect her as a woman and super model. She is very hard working and royal.

carol: Are you doing bhojpuri films?
Ravi Kishan : yea. GP Sippy, Nahlani, and Ajay Devgan production

himanshi : who do u think ws fake on big boss
Ravi Kishan : rupali ganguli

moses s israel : amitabh in kbc ya sharukh in kbc??
Ravi Kishan : amitabh in kbc

Bhai Pranam : u are from which region in india?
Ravi Kishan : i belong from UP (benaras)

carol : r u the real ravi kissan?
Ravi Kishan : yes i am. Hardcore i am

cffbfbfcbfbbnb : hi ravi u r real funny guy...i LOVE U
Ravi Kishan : love u too

kavita : ravi is it better in working in the bhojpuri industry or bollywood which 1 do u like more?
Ravi Kishan : both. bhojpuri is my mother n bollywood is my father


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