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    "<i>Water</i>...winning the oscar is like winning lottery"

    By Super Admin

    Reema Kagti started her film career by assisting film makers like Mira Nair, Farhan Akhtar and Ashutosh Gowarikar and last week, she made her directorial debut with Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. Reema was live on IndiaFM for celeb chat a day before the release of her film. Here's bringing the chat transcript of Reema's conversation with IndiaFM surfers.

    humtum : hi reema
    Reema Kagti : hi guys

    mezba : Reema, Good luck to you on your realease. Im an aspiring film maker and would like to work as an assistant in yours or excels next project. How do I go about it?
    Reema Kagti : send your cv in to the first ad's and try getting on to films

    minto from oz : hey reema, was it difficult managing and directing the stories of 12 different actors in Honeymoon travels
    Reema Kagti : since i wrote the script i was very clear on each coupls' track and every character's role in the i was blessed with a very talented cast so i didn't find it very difficult

    dolly_4u: as a child did u wana be a director
    Reema Kagti : no as a child i wanted to write

    humtum : reema, has every couple kissed in the movie
    Reema Kagti : no every couple don't kiss

    sam : heard that vikram chatwal plays a gay character in the movie?
    Reema Kagti : the best way to watch my film is to not listen to anything you hear about it, go into the theatre with an open mind and let the film unfold in front of you the way it is supposed will decline all questions about my film's content

    kaancha cheena : reema ji, how nervous are you about the opening of this movie
    Reema Kagti : a little nervous more excited i think coz i am very proud of my film and am looking foward to the response

    minto from oz : Reema, what do you expect from Honeymoon Travels
    Reema Kagti : i am expecting people to like's funny, fresh, honest and real...think an average person will find lots of connecting points

    minto from oz : Do you have any other projects in the pipeline
    Reema Kagti : am planning to co-write a script with zoya next for me to direct

    dolly_4u : who do u think is the cutest couple in ur film? honest aswer
    Reema Kagti : cant decide between kk raima, boman shabana or abhay minisha....

    Dream : Hello Reema, How was it to work with Farhan Akhtar?
    Reema Kagti : he is a lot of fun to work with and as a producer he has been the best...very supportive and protective

    farid23 : was salaam e ishq written by you?
    Reema Kagti : no please don not credit me with salaam e ishq!

    Darshak : How did you feel after the worked as a Second Unit Director or Assistant Director in Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai?
    Reema Kagti : both films are very special and the time i spent working on them were probably some of my best memories in life ever

    farid23 : Does Honeymoon travels has a reference point in some hollywood film?
    Reema Kagti : no my film is original...after u watch it whether u think it is good bad or ugly u will have to give me credit for originality i think

    kaancha cheena : was it one big party on the sets or were you a strict disciplinarian
    Reema Kagti : every body did their bit of fooling was very entertaining

    maroon 5 : was kk menon shocked wen u told abt the song in wich he has to dance
    Reema Kagti : kk started telling me he is the world's worst dancer...i got very nervous, needlessly as it turns out coz he did a great job

    ghalib : did u think of casting urself in one of the role as you too look very beautiful.
    Reema Kagti : no i'm most comfortable behind the camera...acting is really not my scene

    Dream : What is the most ridiculous scene you ever saw in afilm?
    Reema Kagti : forget the name...a crocodile was chasing hritik and roaring like a lion!

    farid23 : Name a few directors whose work u find fascinating...
    Reema Kagti : wong kar wai, pedro almodavar, steven soderberg, harmony korine, abbaas kurastami, makhmalbaf, tsi min list doesn't end

    DOCTOR : so wats ur plans for the thriller u intend to make
    Reema Kagti : waiting for honeymoon chaos to die down before making any future plans

    pronit : hi reema i m frm assam , u r frm the same region as well
    Reema Kagti : yes i am from assam

    Reema Kagti : no i've not seen live flesh...honeymoon not based on anything
    Dream : Have you seen Live Flesh? Is Honeymoon travels somewhat based on that?

    DOCTOR : i m very impressed that in ur first movie u handled so many actors- is it difficult with star tantrums?
    Reema Kagti : no...attack is the best form of defence...i threw a tantrum before anyone else could if i sensed one coming on!

    Fenil Seta : In your opinion, who has given the best performance in 'Honeymoon Travels..'
    Reema Kagti : i am very pleased with several it and see...think even u'll find it difficult to decide

    Dream : Would you like to make a film like Taste of cherry....... I didnt really get the film, but you can always indianize it???
    Reema Kagti : taste of cherry is very whimsical according to me...difficult to indianise it

    dolly_4u : as a female director wat was ur biggest challenge
    Reema Kagti : don't think i had any special 'female' director problems...just regular stuff that all director's go through

    Dream : what do you prefer, making commercial films or trying to make different kind of cinema, like for instance Taste of cherry of abbas?
    Reema Kagti : i prefer to make commercially viable different films...

    DOCTOR : do u think indianizing western movies is ok? dont u think original scripts shud be encouraged?
    Reema Kagti : yes i think originality should be encouraged but sadly it is not

    ghalib : what do u think of item numbers in movies? Will u use one in ur movies?
    Reema Kagti : i'm not big on item numbers...

    DOCTOR : if somone comes up to u with a gud new n original script, wud u pursue it or commerce will dictate ur creativity?
    Reema Kagti : film making is very have to find a healthy balance between commerce and creativity

    pokiri : why dint u make a movie with 6 star couples like salaam-e-ishq???
    Reema Kagti : i wanted to make a different kind of film...stars are wonderful and make a lot of things possible for your film but also comes with limitations...also it's difficult to convince them to do different stuff

    ghalib : I think the new don is much better than the old one. What do you think?
    Reema Kagti : i like both dons for different reasons

    Dream : name a sort of rumour which you would like to start about yourself
    Reema Kagti : i would like it to be rumoured that i am a genius!

    Sculptor74 : What kind of movies you personally Like?
    Reema Kagti : i like films that have strong scripts and director's behind them...more personal stuff than generic films

    dolly_4u : most underrated actress in bollywood?
    Reema Kagti : Tabu is very under rated for her talent

    Darshak : Reema, Would You Compare Youself with RGV,Sanjay Leela Bhansali as a director? like in someway you're better than them....would you compare?
    Reema Kagti : no would not compare

    pokiri : were thr any creative differences between u n farhan???
    Reema Kagti : no farhan was very supportive of my ideas

    DOCTOR : wat do u think about WATER?a realistic chance at the OSCARS?
    Reema Kagti : personally did not like water...winning the oscar is like winning lottery...guess the chances are the same

    dolly_4u : do u feel insecure for being a female director in male dominated industry
    Reema Kagti : no it does not make me insecure

    Sculptor74 : What made you to join the Film Industry?
    Reema Kagti : i wanted to make films

    style guru : where do you think bollywood lags behind in comparison to hollywood??
    Reema Kagti : my opinion of hollywood is as bad as my opinion of
    bollywood...bollywood suffers a generation loss though

    farid23 : how was Zoya Akhtar as the executive producer?
    Reema Kagti : zoya is the best EP this side of the arabian sea

    Dream : do you believe in the term art cinema? If yes why... If no why not?
    Reema Kagti : i believe in the term good film

    Sam_panny : you had a project with baba films, when is the project starting,
    Reema Kagti : i have no project with baba films

    style guru : do you want hollywood actors to act in indian movies??
    Reema Kagti : i don't see too much scope for hollywood actors in bollywood

    ashok : why did u choose the title honeymoon travels ?
    Reema Kagti : wanted a title that would reflect the quirky comedy that the film is

    DOCTOR : wat is more important - good contacts or essential knowledge/skills in this industry
    Reema Kagti : you need both contacts and skills

    Dream : Do you know the term Thrid Cinema, and if yes, do you feel it is degrading the films made in countries of asia, Africa and South America?
    Reema Kagti : sorry no...what is thrid cinema?

    Sculptor74 : I heard that you are making one movie with Mithun Chakraborty?
    Reema Kagti : no i'm not making a movie with mithun...i love him though

    Fenil Seta : Whar do you think of the duo Vishal-Shekhar who has also given music in your movie?
    Reema Kagti : vishal n shekhar are very talented...enjoyed working with them

    DOCTOR : are there surprise guest appearances in the movie?
    Reema Kagti : yes i surprise appearance...don't ask who coz i'm not telling

    ghalib : As relationship is a part of ur movie, tell me what u think of the old man young girl relationship as is shown in the movie Nishabdh.
    Reema Kagti : not seen nishabd so can't comment...think Mr. bachan has the sensitivity to pull it off though

    Dream : Third cinema is the name given to films made in the Asian, African and South-American countries, first cinema is Hollywood and second Cinema is the European Art Cinema, the reason is because the films are overloaded with melodrama and they have political issues in it, do you feel it is correct to call it Third Cinema?
    Reema Kagti : no i guess it is not politically correct but i am very politically incorrect personally and prefer calling a spade a spade if u know what i mean

    Reema Kagti : it's been good chatting with u guys... gotta go bye...

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