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Sagar Bellary's filmi fundas

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There was a time when a young graduate from Satyajit Ray Films&Television Institute in Kolkata was religiously knocking at each and every Bollywood producer's door. But no one took him seriously then. Few months later, the young and enthusiastic lad made an off beat comedy flick by the name of Bheja Fry and overnight, he became a successful and celebrity director with every other producer willing to work with him.

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Sagar Bellary who has just sealed a three-film deal with Sahara One Motion Pictures. Here's an excerpt from a hearty conversation with Sagar.

Q: Media has said a lot about Bheja fry and its success. There are different stories doing the rounds. We want to hear your side of the story?
A: What can I say? It feels great that my very first movie has been appreciated by the people. It was a good experience for me and I'm enjoying it now. Don't even want to think about the kind of struggle I had to go through in order to see it on silver screen.

Q: Ok, tells us what inspired you to make such a movie?
A: The only inspiration behind Bheja fry was that I wanted to make a good film so that I get to work on a better one next. I'm lucky that it worked out for me and I have been getting calls almost everyday from producers. But now I'm under a contract with Sahara One Motion Pictures. And hence, can't take up any other project.

Q: Why did you choose comedy as the backdrop for you first film?
A: Actually I was supposed to make a children's film as my debut, but it changed with "Bheja Fry' coming in the picture. Still, I am very sure I would make this movie as my next. As for now, I am following the success of "Bheja Fry' and making more comedies. As it is, comedy is the flavour of the day. After 'Munnabhai' there had been a lot of comedy films, which were being made. Though some of them weren't up to the mark, they still worked with our audiences. Yes, some of them were little over the top and had a touch of sleaze, which I am cautiously keeping away from.

Q: What is your next movie Kachcha Limboo all about?
A: Kaccha Limboo is about teen adolescence. It has been a long time since we have seen a good children's film. And precisely that's the reason why I am making it. Never before in our films, have we seen children being portrayed as adults. This film is about a 13 years old fat boy who is currently going through a state where he is entering his puberty. It is about his transformation from a kaccha limboo to pakka limboo. It will have comedy, but will be a complete family entertainment.

Q: Is it that you don't want to be branded as director of any particular genre and that's the reason you have all your movies based on completely different backgrounds?
A: No it is not so. Actually I want to make good films, which comply with the standard of the international market. I want to have good content in my films. If that gets me into a bracket where people recognize me as a multi-dimensional director, I will take it as a compliment.

Q: Personally what kind of films do you like?

A: (After a pause) I like films, which are narrators by themselves. I'm also fond of films, which have a political and social content. The films should say something.

Q: Any director in Bollywood who inspire you the most?
A: Director in Bollywood humn I want to take the right names. I think it would be Ram Gopal Varma. I like him because his films have something in them and they are not simply stories told on canvass. They are movies made with intensions of making something serious and have some very thought provoking ideas behind them. Nandita Mehra is also one director who had grown and shown her worth with every given opportunity.


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