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Sajid Khan chats with his fans

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saucy : why didnt u cast aftab shivdasani in ur comedy film?he is fab at comedy
Sajid Khan : i agree with u. Aftab is fantastic at comedy but unfortunately, i wanted three actors who have never worked with each other and Aftab has worked with all three of my heroes

salman : when do u plan to get married?
Sajid Khan : as soon as u find me a nice girl

youngk : how do rate akshay as an actor?
Sajid Khan : i would give akshay 9 out of 10 as an actor

youngk : how do rate akshay as an actor? Sajid Khan : i would give akshay 9 out of 10 as an actor
drish : i wonder y u have taken fardeen in this movie
Sajid Khan : mark my words drish, u will be surprised with fardeens performance in my film

mannz : hey sajid... heyy babyy looks a sure shot hit.. are u also confident abt ur debut film?
Sajid Khan : i am not really bothered about the box office status of the film, i just want people to like it and see it again n again

Charla : how do u rate the music of the film?
Sajid Khan : i wld say that the music of the film has something for everyone. if u hear each song again carefully, u will be slightly confused as to which song is ur fav track

niqbalin dubai : sajid i wish u'd direct all3 actors salman amair and sharukh all together

Sajid Khan : niqbalin, tere mooh mein 5 kg ghee aur 3 kg shakar!!
Charla : have you seen Chak De! India? And if so, what do you think of it?
Sajid Khan : i loved chak de india

AksFilmi : HI Sajid GReat fans of URz So how Diff directing HEy baby from DZH episode ..
Sajid Khan : well darna zaroori hai got over in 4 days in a budget of 8 lakhs. heyy babyy took 73 days and a budget of 40 crores. that different

Pakiza : hiiiii, i watched the promos of Heyy baby!! i must say u did a very good job! i already booked my tickets! the film looks awesome and im sure it will rock! :-)
Sajid Khan : thankz pakiza. i promise u, u will not be disappointed

pakshal : who is your role model when it comes to direction?
Sajid Khan : steven speilberg and hrishikesh mukherjee and james cameron

pakshal : which is your favourite song in the film?
Sajid Khan : pakshal, beta tu ek kaam kar, tu ghar aaja khana khaane, yahan baat karte hai!

pakshal : how is ur equation with sajid nadiadwala? will you be doin his next film?
Sajid Khan : pakshal, sajid nadiadwala is my best friend n i owe my directorial debut to him. i will do anything for him.

drish : though i don't think much about fardeen khan.... i have full trust in you and am sure that ur move will do wonders
Sajid Khan : i dont blame u drish, some of the films fardeen has done have been terrible, but i give u my word of honor, fardeen will shock all his critics with heyy babyy

Hassan : how was working tith akshay kumar?? i am big fan of him. i wanna know what kind of person he is??
Sajid Khan : dear hassan, akshay is an extremely professional person but besides that he is a very nice human being. he is a great father, a great husband, a great friend but what i love about him is that he is a great son to his mother

Kamikaze_Texas : sajid, how come you never tried to be a funny man in movies like rampal yadav or paresh rawal kind?
Sajid Khan : dear kamikaze, i dont know, maybe the roles being offered to me werent good enough

tejashreyus : i think hey baby is a telugu remake i hope so because i watched a movie starring jagapathibabu on the same lines. Sajid Khan : dear tejashreyus, pls jump to ur conclusion after u see heyy babyy, till then shut up.
vijay : how did this film come to your mind
Sajid Khan : dear vijay its an incident which happened with a friend of mine from college. how from a complete skirt chaser whos marraige was almost on the rocks, he became the worlds greatest husband and father when his daughter was born

AksFilmi: Sajid any genre u wanna try..That ll surprise your fans .can we expect Sajid directing off beat movie or some serious subject
Sajid Khan : aksfilmi, I am a big fan of horror action films and some day I would like to direct the greatest action horror film ever made in this country.

niqbalin dubai : i know u r good from heart no hassles sajid but this is for sure if u make some serious cinema there will be a mark of ur own i swear
Sajid Khan : dear niqbalin thanks for the advice, i will remember what u have said to me

instant_karma : y is there an overdose of publicity and promotion for the movie,arent u confident enough?
Sajid Khan : dear instant karma, that purely depends on the audience

Saahil : Why have u used SRK in the movie? Its due to farah only ??
Sajid Khan : dear sahil, the song (when u see the film u will know) needed a superstar's presence n who bigger than srk u tell me?

diesel : i was read an article from one of the filmmaker that the worst thing to do in a comedy is to pump in a lot of money. a lot of great comedy movies from scripts (like bheja fry). do you believe in that?
Sajid Khan : dear diesel, i dont think thats true, money is pumped in in a film only to enhance a good script to add production value to a film but a comedy works solely on the basis of performances n punchlines. hopefully, u will discover that in heyy babyy n btw i didnt like bheja fry, but thats me.

Bolly_fan : u always make fun of others movies,now wen ur movie s releasing dont u feel the pressure as ,if somethin goes wrong then the industry wont spare you
Sajid Khan : dear bolly fan, if that happens then i wont spare u!

Fenil Seta : Will u like to work with Vidya Balan again??
Sajid Khan : definitely. i think vidya is one of the coolest actresses we have

GAURAV JOSHI : fARAH has given u chance of dancing in MHN , have u given her any guest appearance in Heyy Babyy ?
Sajid Khan : no al1, farah and i never discuss work. she was busy with her own film while i was busy with mine

al1 : hi sajid, R u acting in ur movie.it may be a plus point
Sajid Khan : no al1 sorry yaar

rohit : how did you learn direction?
Sajid Khan : dear rohit, by watching movies all my life, reading about them, seeing the special features on dvds, and listening to directors commentary on dvds

heyy sajid : heyy sajid, give us 2 reasons why we should rush to the theatres this friday to watch heyy babyy
Sajid Khan : reason no 1, bcoz the movie will make u laugh, it will make u tap ur feet and make ur eyes moist. reason no. 2 - coz if u dont rush tickets maybe sold out

AksFilmi : Sajid how u wud rate u as director ...
Sajid Khan : we'll answer that after 24th august aks.

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