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"I think heyy babyy has more soul" : Sajid

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ZZZZ DON] : wht do you think abt RGV's AAg do you think it's gonna b a hit movie?
Sajid Nadiadwala : yessssssssssssssss don surely

NIN@ : SAANKI has become the most awaited movie of 2008
Sajid Nadiadwala : thnx nina

SuperVAKIL : If you decide to make remake of yesteryear's Hindi Movie, which one you would choose?
Sajid Nadiadwala : I dont think remakes are a good idea

ZZZZ DON] : why dont you make a film with salman and shahrukh?
Sajid Nadiadwala : wow salman and shahrukh that wud be rocking

tausif : why vidya balan ?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello tausif we felt Vidya was just right for the film and i must say she's superb in the film

NIN@ : any problems with shirish?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hey nina absolutely no problems with shirish he's family

NIN@ : hw difficult is to make a child act? wht ws a chlids remuneration?
Sajid Nadiadwala : well the kid had its days

tausif : when will you direct a film for ur production house?
Sajid Nadiadwala : no plans to direcr tausif im enjoying just producing

Shah Rukh Khan : u happy that sanju bhai is gettign released????
Sajid Nadiadwala : im so happy to hear about sanju god bless him

aceofspades : Hello, Sajid Bhai - Which actors do you think have the best chemistry?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hi thr ace of spades if u want to see chemistry see akshay/fardeen/ritesh in heyy abyy

riya : have u contributed anythign to the direction of heyy babbyy
Sajid Nadiadwala : hi riya no its totally sjid khan's babyy

AdnanQ8 : hi mr. sajid how are you doing? wht is ur expectation frm hayy baby
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello adnan right now im just enjoying havin finished the film

ZZZZ DON] : how do u rate the music of the film?
Sajid Nadiadwala : i personally love the music of this film

tausif : any plans of acting or cameos in films atleast..jus like mr ghai does
Sajid Nadiadwala : nooooooooooooooo tausif phuleez

nazima : How was it like working with 3 different actors?
Sajid Nadiadwala : nazima we really had a great time

SuperVAKIL : Which one is your favorite song form your OWN films?
Sajid Nadiadwala : the title song

SuperVAKIL : Which one is your all time favorite song of your own films?
Sajid Nadiadwala : but hard to choose coz im always associated with good music

nick : dont you think u r over confident on sajid khan? i hav seen his directed shoet story in darna mana hai...dint like it
Sajid Nadiadwala : hey nick i think u'll be pleasently surprised with heyy babyy

adam : Hey Sjid, are you making anymore film with akshay?
Sajid Nadiadwala : im making one with Salaman And one with Akshay

viki : who is box office king according to saajid nadiadwala.
Sajid Nadiadwala : viki i guess at the end its a good film nothing elese matters

heybaby : i hope hey baby is not body beautiful minous soul
Sajid Nadiadwala : i think heyy babyy has more soul

rajeev : hello sir sajid nadiadwala sir i heard the songs of Heyy Babyy it is fanstatic Meri Duniya Tu Hi Re song of the year
Sajid Nadiadwala : thnx rjeev its a very touching song

instant_karma : will heybaby beat partners collection record?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello instant karma the advance has been great

nick : hi sajid you new film heyy babyy llooks good
Sajid Nadiadwala : thnx somuch nick ....

shahzeb : hi sajid, i just love ur movies, they r so different and creative,
Sajid Nadiadwala : thnx shahzeb a lot actually

Salman khan : sajid would u make a award winning movie for salman khan pls?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello salman i dont think Salman has ever worked for awards

tausif : yes wht about mr. saanki wht is the script sir
Sajid Nadiadwala: we'r workin on it at the moment tausif but its an entertainer

sajidferoz : hey sajid whats ur say on tollywood
Sajid Nadiadwala : tollywood rocks

akki_rocks : what is ur fav movie?
Sajid Nadiadwala : akki i have many favourites

rade2rising : are thr three heroins in saanki. all r here to ask u abt saanki?
Sajid Nadiadwala : saanki has a couple of heroines and also an international female lead.

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