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"It's totally Sajid Khan's baby" : Sajid Nadiadwala

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

With no more directorial for Sajid Nadiadwala, the producer awaits the release of Heyy Babyy enthusiastically. The promising film assures to hit the box office charts. Heyy babyy stars Akshay, Ritesh, Fardeen and Vidya Balan. Producer Sajid nadiadwala answered all the queries of the fans. Here are some excerpts from the chat:

Bolly_fan : hi sajid
Sajid Nadiadwala: hello thr

Bolly_fan : who is directing ur dream venture with salman Saanki?
Sajid Nadiadwala: I've still not finalised the director

Bolly_fan : any more info about saanki that u would like to share with us?
Sajid Nadiadwala: it's too early but my team is workin on the script

Bolly_fan : your best friend from the film industry?
Sajid Nadiadwala: they are all my friends

Charla: ur film Heyy babyy looks nice...wld definatly go for it
Sajid Nadiadwala: thnx charla im sure ull enjoy the experience

akki_fan : hey Saj---who will star in SABIR KHAN's directorial
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello akki fan Saabir khan's film stars akshay kumar

Charla : do you plan to direct any films in future?
Sajid Nadiadwala: no I don't intend to direct charla

SuperVAKIL: Is your family from Nadiad, Gujarat?
Sajid Nadiadwala: heloo super vakil ... ur right

AKHAN: I read your interview on indiafm.. you said that you are definately making a movie with Salman Khan next year?
Sajid Nadiadwala: yes akhan most definately

riya: wat is ur opinion about sajid khan as a director?
Sajid Nadiadwala: well riya i trust him completely thats why i've made a film with him

hola: that song with all the actresses looking gr8...whoes idea it was?
Sajid Nadiadwala: thnx hola it was the directors idea

JAY-Z : wht is that first thing u liked abt Heyy baby?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello jay-z i loved the script i felt it had universal appeal

akki_fan : how different is SAJID from SHIRISH? Where lies the difference?
Sajid Nadiadwala : dear akki fan u cant compare creative people

adam : who do you think is bollywoods best comedy actor? akshay, govinda, salman, srk or ritesh? do you have any fims planned with akshay?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello adam I feel both are great

avi : wht will be you next film after hayy baby?
Sajid Nadiadwala : my next film after heyy babyy is a film with a new director aabir Khan

viki : y u not trying new talents next superstars such as hrithik and abhishek in ur film?
Sajid Nadiadwala : viki iwill surely do so when the right script comes along

riya : among all your films whihc is ur fav?
Sajid Nadiadwala : riya thats hard to tell its like choosing ur most fav child

NIN@ : wht interest u to make a film of this subject?
Sajid Nadiadwala : hello nina most definately the script

shahzeb : hi sanjay, i loved ur movie jaaneman and i cant wait to watch heyy babyy.
Sajid Nadiadwala : thnx shahzeb

Charla : what kind of genres do you like besides comedy?
Sajid Nadiadwala : charla i like anything that has a universal appeal like the entire family can watch and enjoy heyy babyy together

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