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Sam's Singapore trip

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By: Upala KBR , Mid-Day
Friday, March 30, 2007
The traveller-at-heart recently returned from a trip to Singapore

Sameera Reddy took off with her best friends to Sentosa Island, Singapore, last week.

The actress, who recently finished shooting for Mira Nair's short film on HIV/Aids with Irrfan Khan, says, "My friends and I always make it a point to meet up for weekends at least once a month.

This is our way of catching up and re-energising ourselves.

We take off to different parts of the world as I have good friends all over.

Though Mumbai is a lovely city, I need to get out every once in a while."

Shop talk

Her Singapore trip included buddies Malini and Pooja. "Next month, we are planning to meet in Bali. Sentosa was lovely - warm and sunny.

My friends make it a point to come for all my film premieres to Mumbai. They keep me grounded and love me for who I am," she says.

Talking about her friends, Sameera says, "Both are hardcore career girls. They are single and independent with great jobs. Malini Mitra is from Kolkata but works in Singapore and I've known her for six years.

When I shot for Buddhadev Dasgupta's Kaalpurush and The Voyeur in Kolkata, I stayed at her parents' home in Kolkata. I had gone to Singapore for some personal work and met Malini there. We literally shopped till we dropped!"

The shopaholic gushes, "I bought clothes, games for my Playstation and a new cell phone, the Nokia E65. I'd dropped my old phone in the pool, so I needed a new one."

And all that shopping and holidaying burns a huge hole in her savings. Says Sam, "I've travelled all over the world and my passion is depleting my bank account!

But I've enjoyed visiting places like Turkey, Greece, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Spain. However, my favourite holiday spot remains Italy."

Different strokes

Sameera is thrilled that Mira Nair cast her after seeing her in Kaalpurush. "Mira, Vishal Bhardwaj and Santosh Sivan had come to Delhi and watched a showreel of Kaalpurush. Vishal thought I was fabulous.

Mira too loved my work. She told me that it's unbelievable how different I look from my normal image. Her compliment meant a lot to me," she says.

In Buddhadev Dasgupta's The Voyeur, Sameera plays an innocent girl from Behrampore. Talking about the difference in Dasgupta and Nair's working styles, she says, "Mira is very clear about what she wants it.

Hers is a very creative force that's very inspiring. Dada is quiet. He explains in few words but I understand. We have this unspoken understanding between us."

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