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Samira wants to do comic roles

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
The sexy lass, who hitherto was best known for her seductive portrayals through films like Musafir, , has taken to exploring her comic streak, something she maintains to have plenty lying untapped till now! "I often feel that I should have debuted with a comedy instead of getting into this glamourous rut!" remarks Sameera, adding, "I have grown up in a house full of laughter; so it was only natural that I have a hugely humourous side. But till now, filmmakers were so afraid of experimenting with anything beyond the periphery, that nothing much innovative was being made; leave aside anything innovative being made in the genre of comedy, that had little to offer expect slapstick. Thankfully, things are changing for the better now. Actresses too are being giving a chance to showcase their comical side instead of just playing glam-dolls and I'm glad to be a part of this new wave wherein I'm getting a chance to showcase my comedy in new-age, slick comic-capers like Fool and Final and Race," says Sameera who admits to have had a ball while shooting for both these films.

"Firstly, since both of them were comedies, they were totally up my alley, which made it a great joy to work in them. Trust me, as much as I love doing those sexy numbers, I'd give my right arm to work in a laugh-riot, which is so fill of energy that it perks you up instantly and doesn't make work seem like work at all. Also it was a treat to bond with actors like Shahid, Ayesha, Katrina, Bipasha, all of whom are so chilled out, so secure. Whatever catfights or bickering one gets to read about these of any other actors, thankfully, I have never faced any such problems with regards to any of them and in fact, seriously feel that these fights must be the imagination of some overzealous minds, of which we have plenty of in the industry. From my experience, I'd say, it's great that today actors are getting more comfortable with the competition around and are easing up to each other. It can be tricky having to walk on eggshells all the time," says Sameera tongue-firmly-in-cheek as she refuses to elaborate more on this aspect.

That she is game to elaborate about is the travel that she got to do through these films, especially 'Race'. "Oh, we shot across a lot of Middle-Eastern places and Australia and it was amazing to travel to so many places simultaneously. It's what any travel-freak like me would die for," says Sexy Sam, who had the most fun in Turkey, which she was enchanted with due to its architecture and seamless blend of history and modernity. "I'm not a mindless traveler; I love to explore places that have some character and Turkey is surely one of them".

Getting back to work, the most prominent aspect of Sam's life at the moment, she sounds perked up about the fact that the year began for her with Mira Nair's Migration, a Bengali film on the issue of AIDS. "Though I can't give out much of the story of Migration in which I play a frustrated housewife, it has been a humbling experience to do a film on an issue that we always feel can never touch our lives till reality hits you coldly on a not-so-fine day!" says Sameera who has acted in a Bengali film for the second time after Buddhadeb Dasgupta's KaalPurush.

"It's great to be getting roles of substance in regional cinema which has its loyal audience and is being greatly received on the national and international plane at the moment. Guess I am lucky to be at the right place at the right time," says Sameera who, however, refutes claims that this is an indication of her veering away from the glamourous roles. "As much as I love to act in serious cinema which gives you a creative high, I can never think of giving up the jhatak-matak roles! It's a sheer joy for the actress in me when laypeople like the rickshawallahs and street-urchins, who are never going to see the serious films one does, wave out to you in recognition and tell you how much they enjoyed a particular song of yours!"

Well, well, things are rocking for Sameera on the professional front, but what's the scene like on the personal one? "Boring and sleepy!" moans Sameera who, while waving away her link-ups of the past, (with Sanjay Gupta being the latest example) as rubbish admits that, "I'm craving for some real action in my life! I have been away from romance for too long now and hope to be in a relationship very soon...Hmmm, if only things would go my way!"

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