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Who said Bollywood is going places?... Contd

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Aishwarya Rai has already made her proper Hollywood debut in The Last Legion in which she is ravishing bearing a sword. While it seems that her Hollywood debut was supposed to be big, it has ben cut down to size by the producers of the film who feel that a DVD release is what is needed for the film. If that works out, I guess Aishwarya won't have that dream Hollywood debut after all.

All this may point to the fact that Bollywood is actually getting there. But if an awareness poll of Bollywood at Cannes is to go by then Bollywood has absolutely comparative zilch awareness among the international moviegoers, moviemakers and audience. As a matter of fact, it was noted that Bollywood stars were only at Bollywood parties and not at parties hosted in honour of other language films.

So now the point is whose pride is Sanjay Malakar: India's or America's? Any takers!!!


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