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Sarwar Ahuja on Hum Fir Milen Na Milen

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You won the contest in Dec. 2004 and your film got released in 2007. What were you doing all this time?
Hey, I have completed three films during this period. Actually, according to the contract with Zee none of my films could release before Khanna&Iyer. My next release is Hum Fir Milen Na Milen in June 2007 and another film with film maker Basu Chatterjee is also ready.

So, Zee's responsibility towards you is over now or are you still bound by any contract?
Yes, I am free from the contract with Zee now and free to work with any producer.

Do you think these types of shows really help the contestants?
Well, these types of shows are like a window which give you an opportunity to exploit your talent, otherwise how come any outsider would know how to come here and whom to approach. I hardly knew anything about the film business. Though I was a double MBA, I was totally ignorant. So, these shows help the aspirants to know the cut throat competition that exists here and make them realise whether they will be able to achieve their dreams or not. If not they can return home safely at least and continue with their old profession.

You think winners escape the struggle that the others are made to go through?
It's nothing like that dear. Here, there is struggle at every level. For me it was first struggle to complete my film, then I faced the struggle of its release and after that I am struggling to get more films. Even an actor like Abhishek Bachchan has to struggle to give his best performance in films. Don't ever think there are free goodies for anybody.

How many films are there in your hand now?
I have completed two films and have signed two new projects. These new films are being made by new producers from Delhi. One of them will be directed by Vinay Mudgal who was with Rajshree for 15 years.

How are you promoting yourself? Any god father, any secretary or PRO?
I don't have any godfather but I have a secretary who also handles business for Abhay Deol and Soha Ali Khan. His name is Furkan Qureshi.

Are you in touch with any of your co-contestants like Sharad Malhotra, Divyanka Tripathy or Yuvika Chaudhry?
(Feels delighted) Yes we meet sometimes and whenever it is possible we party together. It feels very nice to see them because at one point we all were together. I feel very happy for them for whatever success they have got and are popular too.


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