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"I would love to do a film with Kareena again" - Shahid

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    By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
    Monday, October 29, 2007

    Shahid Kapoor breaks his silence on his split with Kareena, friendship with Vidya Balan and relationship with his dad, Pankaj Kapoor. It"s been just a day since Jab We Met released, but it already looks like a winner. Shahid Kapoor is thrilled and he has reason to, as he"s been appreciated in the film. If he was upset or hurt about his break-up (before he left for Toronto in July) with Kareena Kapoor, he has put it behind him now.

    JWM is an important film for you.
    I once told Imtiaz it was very important to me that the film does well. He understood why. After sitting at home for six months I said yes only to this film. More than proving it to others, it was about me proving to myself that I had made the right choice.

    Will it be your last film with Kareena?
    No. Of course not! I would love to do a film with Bebo again if we are offered something worthwhile. I am always open to working with Bebo. She"s contributed hugely to the film and without Bebo, the film would be incomplete.

    Was it easy to move on after your much-publicised split?
    It"s possible to move on. I think what people need to understand is that Bebo and I are two mature individuals who took a decision (to break up) we both wanted to take.

    Beyond that I have great regard and respect for Kareena. I think she"s a great person and a fantastic actor.

    I always wish her happiness. There is nothing to be bitter or negative about. I look upon life as a half-full glass and not half-empty. I am an optimist and at 26, I have a lot of things to look forward to.

    Do you feel lonely sometimes?
    (Laughs) No — not at all! I am a happy person. I am hugely proud and satisfied at what I have achieved today. I have worked with big directors and new generation ones.

    I have made mistakes and learnt from them. JWM is being appreciated and doing well. I am in a great place. I have my family, friends and lots of work happening. There is only positivity because I choose to look at it that way.

    You have been linked to Vidya Balan.
    She"s a great actor and I get along with her very well. Vidya"s a very nice person. I had great fun working with her in Toronto. There"s nothing more to it.

    Were you comfortable about your first screen kiss in JWM?
    No. I was uncomfortable initially but it was needed for the story to move forward. I am conservative about love making and kissing on screen but if the script requires it, I"ll do it.

    It doesn"t make a difference if you know your co-star or she"s your friend. It is a very personal moment which you are making public so it will always be uncomfortable for me. But as an actor, I won"t allow my personal agendas to come on screen.

    Can someone you love, change you? Like in JWM?
    No. You must always remain the person you are. There are certain basic characteristics in one"s persona that nobody can change and that should always be understood by the other person.

    It"s a very personal process but yes, there are certain things about yourself and if you change that, you will be changing the basics of who you are. That can"t be done. But apart from that of course every relationship needs a certain amount of adjustment. No two people can be totally compatible.

    Have you changed recently?
    My process of working and approach to a lot of things, changed post Vivah. After two and a half years in my career, I got a film which allowed me to work the way I wanted to. Prior to that, I sat at home for six months and that was painful. You go through all kinds of insecurities, regrets in life and question your every decision.

    That helped me mature and understand things lot better as an actor and person. This is the first controlled character that I have done. Now I am only doing one film at a time. This allows me to apply myself a lot more and focus on one character at a time.

    Were you okay with all the attention around JWM?
    If I was given a choice, ideally, I would have liked to sit at home and not speak about it at all until this passed because speaking isn"t the dignified or correct thing to do. It"s not just me or the other person involved but there are families and emotional attachments on various levels.

    Also I am a very private person by nature. But as an actor, I had a film due for release just 15 days away and it was my duty to be there to promote it. It was my job to go out there and interact with the media. It was a professional decision I had to choose over a personal one.

    Any insecurity connected to doing only one film at a time?
    No. You have to take it up as a challenge which I did with Jab We Met. I am 26 today. If I was a 37-year-old actor and had a wife and two children to support at home I would understand why I had to do five films in a year and might feel insecure. But I am only 26. I can afford to sit back and be patient. I have age on my side.

    Are you and Imtiaz planning to work again?
    I would love to work with him again. As a director, it"s for him to decide which script he wants to make and if he has a role for me I will jump at him and make him give it to me. But I won"t get upset if he works with other stars.

    Your best compliment for JWM?
    I got it from my father (Pankaj Kapoor). When he saw the film he told me, 'You know what, kid? I think you are an actor" and for me that was a huge compliment. This is the first time my father has paid me a compliment like that. I hold him in tremendous esteem as an actor.

    Do you feel that your dad has got his due despite being such a talented actor?
    No. He"s deserving of a lot more. If I were to analyse as a critic looking at his abilities as an actor and his body of work I think he"s got a lot less recognition but I think that"s his nature as a person.

    He chooses to be in the background because he prefers a certain lifestyle and doing things a certain way. He"s content with that. If he wanted, he could have done a lot more but he chose to balance it out like that.

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