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"I'm single but I'm not ready to mingle" : Soniya Mehra

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biggestfan : are you planning on going to Uni?
Soniya Mehra : i may plan on doing part time courses back in london

NAZIA : do u believ beauties don't have brains?
Soniya Mehra : no. i completely disagree that beauty doesnt hv brains. in fact, i feel thats very stereotypical to think on those lines

victoria203 : who do you consider to be ur closest friend in film industry
Soniya Mehra : as of now its sonam kapoor. been like sisters since childhood

tarkan : Have you done any ad or something else
Soniya Mehra : not as of now. but im looking forward to doing some ads

Roy : How was it working with top veteran actors like Anupam Kher and Om Puri
Soniya Mehra : omji n anupamji were both very helpful. they taught me a lot n i will neva forget the experience i had woring with such ppl

biggestfan : What's you favourite Hollywood movie soniya?
Soniya Mehra : my fav hollywood movies as of now are 'the notebook' and 'blow'

mahlo86 : hi sonia, i would like to see with Aamir Khan, when should i expect this film?
Soniya Mehra : u can go n tell aamir to sign me ;)

nitesh : hey any plans for an official website for fans?
Soniya Mehra : im planning to get a website but it wld be very nice if someone makes a fansite for me

victoria203 : hi sonia. who is ur favourite khan
Soniya Mehra : i love all the khans!

NAZIA : do u intend to do item numbers in films?
Soniya Mehra : not at this pt of my career, nazia

limpaa : hw ws it wrkng with preeti and ego hassels on the set
Soniya Mehra : ego hassles? me n preeti r very close friends

Khurram3 : is it true that u signed three films deal with PNC?
Soniya Mehra : i wish i signed a 3 film deal with PNC, khurram

neha : hw ws ur first movie experience like?
Soniya Mehra : hi neha, it was one of the best experiences of my life

victoria203 : ALL THE BEST for your CAREER Soniya. gtg now. MAY UR CAREER rock
Soniya Mehra : thank u victoria 203

limpaa : you like playing cricket
Soniya Mehra : i play basketball, netball, tennis n volleyball

: r u brand concious? If yes which is ur fav brand?
Soniya Mehra : yes n no. my fav designer is stella mccartney and mark jacobs

: don u think u made mistakes while choosing some films?
Soniya Mehra : well this my first film n i dont think it was mistake at all

: hey love ur style babes u rock!
Soniya Mehra : thank u don

sagar : ur movie ws reali amazing...... wat other films ae you doing?
Soniya Mehra : thank u sagar. u will know about my future projects in next couple of weeks

Khurram3 : How was ur working experience wid Jimmy Shergill?
Soniya Mehra : jimmy is a very sweet n down to earth person. i had fun working with him

ozzi : hey what do u think about kareena?
Soniya Mehra : i think kareena is a starkid who has establised her own name n in a way, i do idolize to be like her

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