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"I'm single but I'm not ready to mingle" : Soniya Mehra

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vicky : hey sonia. hw was ur experince in ur 1st movie? were u scared or nervous?
Soniya Mehra : i was nervous of the first day of shooting,but the whole cast n unit neva made me feel nervous after the first day
Soniya Mehra : i wld love to work with hrithik

Shak : Would you like to be cast opposite King Khan?
Soniya Mehra : of course i wld b llove to be casted opposite king khan. who wldnt?

victoria203 : what is ur dearest wish or dream?
Soniya Mehra : my dream is to be successful n to be the next big thing in the hindi film my dream is to be successful n to be the next big thing in the hindi film.

inri : what kind of music do you like sonia?
Soniya Mehra : i like rock n house music

victoria203 : the thing u regret the most in life is......?????
Soniya Mehra : i dont regret anything in life, bcoz every mistake made is a learning process. otherwise how wld u know that its wrong

NAZIA : what tips do u giv for people who want to go into bollyood industry?
Soniya Mehra : u just hv to be very focussed n never give up, never lose hope and neva be negative as there is lots of competition

Kunal K. : was it fun working with johnny lever????
Soniya Mehra : johnny lever was a dream work with. he is a very sweet gentleman

moody : which do u prefer is a better actor srk or amir
Soniya Mehra : moody, i wld love to work in one film with both of them ;)

NAZIA : i read somewhere that u said u dont mind skin show as long as it is required? for real :?
Soniya Mehra : well, as i hv been brought up in abroad, im quite open about clothing etc. so yes, i wldnt mind. but only if its required

KK : i hope to c u win best new comer award!
Soniya Mehra : kk even i hope to win the best new comer award

Khurram3 : Which is ur fav. song from victoria ???
Soniya Mehra : i like dee dani

noor : hi sonia, have u seen any of ur fathers movie?I am a fan of ur father.which of his movie u liked?
Soniya Mehra : thank u noor, if i had to chose a fav film of my dads, it wld b ghar

Addi : ur father ws a damn handsome man...loved watching all his movies
Soniya Mehra : thank u addi

hot saif : who is ur latest crush?
Soniya Mehra : i dont hv a crush. but i always had a crush on johnny depp

mafz : i want to be an actor can you gve me sme tips
Soniya Mehra : neva give up n always remember hard work pays

TamTam : wld u like to do any action film after this ?
Soniya Mehra : yes i wld love to do an action film

ATIF : HI SONIA... JUST ONE THING.. I SAW ur movie... it didnt excite me as an audience.. i do see a potential in u in becoming a good actress in the future, ur father's timing for drama was amazing... i think u shud continue the legacy.. all the best. LOVE FROM Tanzania
Soniya Mehra : thank u atif. im very happy that u liked my performance in the film, thats what counts :)

victoria203 : do u know to ride a motorcycle by yourself?
Soniya Mehra : its a fantasy to ride a motorcycle

NAZIA : do u intend to work down south?
Soniya Mehra : i dont mind working down south

Hassan : wht do u have 2 say abt taran adarsh's comments tht u have to go a long way before u can even be called an actress?
Soniya Mehra : i respect what Taran Adarsh said. : i respect what Taran Adarsh said.

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