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"I'm single but I'm not ready to mingle" : Soniya Mehra

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Soniya Mehra, daughter of late Vinod Mehra, made her acting debut in Anant Mahadevan"s Victoria no.203, which has hit the screens last week. The teenage actress has managed to make her presence felt in the film and is appreciated for her performance.

Soniya was live on celebrity chat, where she interacted with his fans. Here are some excerpts from the same.

paki : hiiiiiiiiiii
Soniya Mehra : hi paki

NAZIA : What r ur hobbies?
Soniya Mehra : my hobbies r shopping, going to the gym, reading books n writing poetry

NAZIA : Do u think u can get the same success what saira bano, got in Victoria 203?
Soniya Mehra : well thats upto u guys to decide

NAZIA : What memories do u have of ur father?
Soniya Mehra : unfortunately my father passed away when i was very young, so i dont hv his memories.

NAZIA : If u were given a chance to participate in the next UK big brother show wuld u accept it?
Soniya Mehra : of course n id make sure i'll win. Any excuse to go back to my home, London.

NAZIA : Who are u inspired by most in the film industry?
Soniya Mehra : madhuri dixit n rani mukherjee

GAF : was ur father a better actor or father?
Soniya Mehra : unfortunately, i have only seen him as an actor so i think he is a better actor

Dolly's Back : hi sonia did u have a tough time talking in Hindi ?
Soniya Mehra : initially i did, but then i had 3 hindi teachers n i dubbed for the film myself.

Dolly's Back : do u love himesh reshammiya music?
Soniya Mehra : i dont mind himesh's music

anonymous : any acting training ?
Soniya Mehra : i was trained in London, academy of music n dramatic arts and arts ed. and yes i hv seen my film. thank u very much, i hope u liked my performance in the film

ROCKT BOY : are you in touch with ur dad's freinds frm the industry? who are theyr?
Soniya Mehra : yes i am. in fact im in touch with nearly all of them. i don"t want to name any coz if i miss someone out then i'll feel bad.

Kunal K. : u are gonna be a huge success
Soniya Mehra : thank u kunal, thas very sweet. i hope u n ur friends will add to my success by watching the film ;)

soniya : hi u look gorgeous... R u dating any one
Soniya Mehra : im single but im not ready to mingle

Dolly's Back : what are ur upcoming projects?
Soniya Mehra : im a superstitous person. but i'll be signing the contract in next few days so i'll make an announcement then

Dolly's Back : what have u studied in school?
Soniya Mehra : i've done A levels, but i havent gone to university

nitesh : would u like to so some serious art film cinema
Soniya Mehra : yes, i'd love to. maybe a couple of movies down the line as i am a trained actress

KHAN : Would you like to work with Salman Khan?
Soniya Mehra : like? i wld LOVE to work with salman khan :)

KB : hey hw ws it wrking with kaml sadhahna he is damn cute. he shld act in more films
Soniya Mehra : kamal sadanah is a very nice person. it was very lovely working with him

samasaymin : hi sonia!u don"t look like ur father at all
Soniya Mehra : yea, some ppl say i look like my mom. some say i look like dad. so i guess im a combination

samasaymin : why u all just entering bollywod join a film industry rather than other job ?
Soniya Mehra : u always subconsciously idolise ur parents. it was a hobby n a dream, so y not make it my profession

Dolly's Back : are u on facebook?
Soniya Mehra : i used to be on facebook, but i shut my account down. im planning to reopen it soon

biggestfan : how old are you soniya?
Soniya Mehra : i am 18. my b'day is on dec 2

jeet : do you think VN 203 is a good start for ur career?
Soniya Mehra : hi jeet, we all hv to start from somewhere. this was an opportunity to me n i learnt a lot bout hindi films. so yes, i think this was a good start

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