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Tanushree speaks candidly

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Dolly_sexy : do u want indiaFM to make ur official website?
Tanushree : thanks for the idea...

saurabh : Will you do kissing if the script demands ?
Tanushree : I will not do kissing scenes any more

priya : emraan or akshay
Tanushree : emraan

ASHI : Hey Tanushree... i really loved chocolate, u were pretty good in that movie. But it seems as if u have a hard time getting good movie offers!!!
Tanushree : wait till u see my next 3 releases

PlayersFirst : is marraige on the cards ..in recent times?
Tanushree : marriage is on the cards but in another decade

priya : best movies of 2006
Tanushree : rang de basanti

Sweden : hi...when will u come too Sweden?
Tanushree : i dont know i heard Sweden is a beautiful place

PlayersFirst : are u going around with some one?
Tanushree : no im single

nitesh_shahani : What do u have to say about ur resemblence with ASH in ur looks?
Tanushree : u shud ask her that question

deep : tanushree u love rosogollas??
Tanushree : i love rosogollas and all bengali sweets

Dolly_sexy : if u wana do meaningful roles why did u agree to do item number in BHAGAM BHAG
Tanushree : just because i wanted to work with priyadarshan and suniel shetty

raju : what's your fav city in india
Tanushree : my home town jamshedpur

Rahul : Hey Tanu Its Rahul from Dehli I am really a Big Fan of yr Asique Banaye Apne
Tanushree : thank u rahul... hope u see my next films

jasmin : would you like to work with hrithk roshan?
Tanushree : for an actress its difficult to pin point favourites but yes i would love to work with hrithik roshan

vic : i like u very much in that mummy song also why is that inspite of that extreme beauty that u possess u still r not getting on with big names in the industry?
Tanushree : im working with names like priyadarshan in dhol, raj kanwar in raqueeb and subhash ghai in good boy bad boy

nitesh_shahani : Tanushree "Aamhi Tumhake Bhalo Bhashi"
Tanushree : thank u nitesh

Dolly_sexy : which bolly director u aspire to work with
Tanushree : sanjay leela bansali

Akhter : what is your birth date?
Tanushree : 19 march

Dolly_sexy : who is ur fav cricketer ???
Tanushree : no one... im not a cricket buff

luigi : prefere you England or India?
Tanushree : india off course coz im an indian

Dil : Tannu any plan to do role in marathi movies?
Tanushree : havent been offered any yet but for now bollywood is priority

Dolly_sexy : i think u have very pretty eyes. do u think its a Bong thing ?
Tanushree : thank u dolly...

jasmin : how is the life of a celeb??
Tanushree : life as a celeb is hectic, stressful, busy but it all becomes worthwhile when u receive the love of ur fans

MR NICE : Hi Tanushree!!!Thrilled to chat with you!!!!!!
Tanushree : same here mr nice

test : if you not had been an actress, what would u have choosen as a career ?
Tanushree : for ure i would have been a chef

jay : aap bahuat smart dikte hooo
Tanushree : sure

Tanushree : thanks... that song has really made me popular amongst kids too

AMAN : would you like to work with yash chopra priyadarshan in future?
Tanushree : i wud love to work with yash chopra and priyadarshan

asif : R U IN LOVE ?
Tanushree : not at the moment... im too busy being in love with movies

Don : john or salman?
Tanushree : both don

raju : money or fame
Tanushree : both

PlayersFirst : would u consider working for a C grade film if the pay was good enough?
Tanushree : stop asking me stupid questions or ill log off instantly

MR NICE : in a recent interview u said "who said im single" .. so whom RU SEEING :)
Tanushree : no one mr nice

HDKG : What is Paresh Rawal like as a person? I am a huge fan of his, is he funny?
Tanushree : pareshji is a very dedicated actor and quite serious as a person. i loved working with him

Khiladi : how r u findin it in bollywood?
Tanushree : i love it in bollywood

MR NICE : How did you bag DHOL???????
Tanushree : i got dhol coz i had worked with priyan sir in bhagam bhag signal song...

Dolly_sexy : what is more imp as an actress... looks or performance?
Tanushree : both dolly

priya : tanushree i luv ur eyes
Tanushree : thank u priya

Khiladi : any actor that u rly wanna work wid 4 a long time
Tanushree : i guess everyone wants to work with amitabh bachchan

Dolly_sexy : how do u rate urself as an actress on 1-10. 10 being the best
Tanushree : still at 1... dolly

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