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Tanushree speaks candidly

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Rx : hi, tanushree, I want to know why all actress do loads of make up? I think most of them looks much better without it naturally
Tanushree : yes i agree... sometimes we go overboard with makeup but i have learnt not

AMAN : what is good boy bad boy all about
Tanushree : its a romantic comedy

MR NICE : Do you stay in Mumbai now???
Tanushree : yes mumbai is my home now

rah : wats ur pet name
Tanushree : thats a secret rah

jay : does casting couch really exist
Tanushree : must be... thankfully i have never faced that kind of horror

nitesh_shahani : how long wud u prefer being a part of this Hindi cinema?
Tanushree : as long as i dont get bored

shibu : are u very choosy about the films u sign
Tanushree : yes to an extent i am choosy

jigz : signal is must watch thing 4 my daughter,we love that song n esecially u there!
Tanushree : thank u jigz... i appreciate that ur daughter likes my song

Dolly_sexy : in this whole glam world and media madness... do u feel u shud not have been a star?
Tanushree : never dolly... i love being a star. i love the profession, the adulation

saqib : tanu u are really very very very very very beautiful
Tanushree : thank u

AMAN : what is the craziest thing you have done in life?
Tanushree : trying to run away from my hostel...

MR KOOL : Do you have rivalry with any other actress????
Tanushree : no not really mr kool

zohaib : tanu how was ur experience after working with RGV
Tanushree : i have never worked with rgv yet...

raj : how u want people to recognize u as
Tanushree : as tanushree the actress in bollywood

nitesh_shahani : r u J P DUTTA's daughter?
Tanushree : oh my God... he would faint if he had to read this and so will my dad

Sara : Hey Tanushree. My hubby is a big fan of yours....
Tanushree : thank u sara... i hope he likes my next releases

aaritra : any plans of launching official site ? pls do !
Tanushree : yes soon

priya : who is your designer????
Tanushree : there are many designers who i work with

Tigertamenta : where do u buy clothes from
Tanushree : mostly when i travel overseas

lalu : Tanu what is your workout routine?
Tanushree : one hour of workout trice a week

cuttie : 1 thing you look for in ur ideal man ...............

Tanushree : respect towards women, sense of humor and impeccable dressing sense

Dolly_sexy : what do u think of IndiaFM ?? u visit the site often?
Tanushree : yes i do...

cuttie : who is ur favourite hollywood star
Tanushree : julia roberts... i loved her in step mom

MR KOOL : Which is your fav place to hang out in Mumbai???
Tanushree : that i would never disclose

Dolly_sexy : wat is ur definition of HAPPINESS
Tanushree : i will answer not for sure... shoot

rahul : hi tanu will u do any realistic type cinema in hindi films?
Tanushree : yes for sure in future... depends how realistic

rah : any film which made u cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Tanushree : step mom- the film made me cry... i have seen it over 25 times.

MR KOOL : Which is the worst film you hav ever seen??????
Tanushree : worst film- i see one atleast every month

cuttie : hi i am cuttie from africa, u have big fan following here u know?
Tanushree : thats lovely... i would love to go to africa once .

David Mathew : Mr. Fraud shooting completed ?
Tanushree : im not doing mr fraud

cuttie : did u win any beauty contest
Tanushree : yes... its called miss india 2004

AUSSIE MAN : wht is ur view abt the film industry? is it filled wid bad ppl
Tanushree : not at all... if ur good no one dares to be bad with u

Neeraj : u come across as very fun loving person , are u ?? where all have u gone on road-trips with friends? have u gone to gorai ?
Tanushree : i love travelling... and yes i like to have a lot of fun with friends and i have never been to gorai

jigz : which one is ur fav. eng. movie? have u seen any italian or russian films? they r excellent
Tanushree : yes i have. seen a few italian and russian films

AMAN : your favorite shopping place in the world ?
Tanushree : New York

Tanushree : ok guys... it was great chatting with you... have fun. Bye


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