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Tanushree speaks candidly

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She's single and sensual. We bring yet another Bong babe on live chat - Tanushree Dutta. She loves Chinese food, Bengali sweets, and Shah Rukh Khan! Read on, as she chats candidly about her Bollywood stint and her greatest passions in life.

deep : how r u??
Tanushree : im fine... life is great

deep : u r from kolkata...right??
Tanushree : no im from jamshedpur though im bengali... i have family roots in kolkata

jeop : hi tanu, i am a big fan of yours and want to know whats the min height for the miss india contest?
Tanushree : 5'6

gary : you look very great on films
Tanushree : thanks gary

saurabh : do u like english movies
Tanushree : yes i do... not just English but im a fan of world cinema

deep : wer u miss kolkata??
Tanushree : never deep

gary : what are your new releases
Tanushree : good boy bad boy, raqueeb, and dhol

khan_FAK : r u really tanushree?
Tanushree : i guess so khan

neel : Your Fav. Actor?
Tanushree : SRK

deep : where frm u v done ur schooling??
Tanushree : schooling in jamshedpur

Dolly_sexy : hi tanu who is ur mentor in bollywood
Tanushree : no mentors but i have had really great directors in all my films

Dolly_sexy : some ppl saying u putting on weight is that true
Tanushree : actually im shedding a lot of weight

Abeer : Tanu any more films with Emran ??
Tanushree : im doing good boy bad boy with emraan

Dolly_sexy : what do u think is ur biggest weak and strong point as an actress
Tanushree : my strong pts would be my originality

deep : tanushree r u doing ne films wid akshay kumar??
Tanushree : not as yet but wud love to in future

PlayersFirst : tanushree..HI!!! i think u are extremely sexy... how do u maintain such a sexy figure....
Tanushree : workout and lot of work stress

bhavna : did you take any prof traning to become an actress
Tanushree : no bhavna... no training but my work has taught me a lot

khan_FAK : what is ur URL containing ur pics and details?
Tanushree : i have no official website as yet

Tanushree : im fine... i love dubai for its shopping

Hichki : Which is ur fav song ?
Tanushree : my fav song would be mere dil ne kaha by jagjit singh

Dolly_sexy : do u think u will ever do serious roles like Ayesha or Gul in Dor
Tanushree : yes maybe... dolly

AMAN : how was it working with priyadarshan in bhagam hag
Tanushree : priyadarshan sir is great to work with... one of the few directors who's managed to cast my glamorous image out completely in his film

Dolly_sexy : do u like to dance?
Tanushree : i love to dance

Dolly_sexy : what is ur fav brand of clothes
Tanushree : there are too many... but i like indian wear from ritu kumar

Dolly_sexy : what is ur fav brand of perfume
Tanushree : narciso rodriguez

sam : Hi Tanush....u r doing great but please make good choice of ur movies so that u will be there with actors like Madhuri....Ash....etc
Tanushree : I feel better when they call me a promising actress, which is what they call me ever since I debuted


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