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Filmmakers approaches Udita for hot-n-sexy roles

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"I don't know why film makers don't approach me with roles that do not require me to be overtly hot-n-sexy", wonders Udita Goswami whose Aggar releases today.

"Wherever I go, people still see me the girl from Paap, Zeher or an Aksar without realizing that I am capable of doing a lot more. Can't blame them much though; they have only seen these films of mine all this while though with Aggar, I guess they should be able to see another facet of mine", says Udita who has two of her comedies Kisse Pyaar Karoon and Amar Joshi Shahid Ho Gaya stuck in the cans.

"I don't know what's happening to these two films", she sighs, "They are well made films and rock big time. It was laugh-a-minute fun while working on these films. I am keeping my fingers crossed to see them finally making it to the theaters."

She doesn't have to wait long any more for her first big screen release of 2007. "Aggar is such a 'teda-meda' plot that I can't even try explaining it, let alone taking you in entirety through the film. There are layers, layers and some more layers, all of which makes Aggar a film that has to be watched, rather than told, to be experienced".

"But let me make you aware that Aggar is not a film about extra-marital affairs. It is a thriller with a truly different plot to it, howsoever cliched it all may sound", she informs, " See, when I go to watch a movie, I want it to be fast paced. I want the scenes to move at a rapid pace otherwise I tend to go restless. Now that's not something which I would want in my film."

Talking about the reason behind selecting Aggar, Udita recollects, "When I was narrated the film's script, I couldn't believe what I listened to. It was so fast with one scene after another turning out to be surprising. The interval point and the climax especially kick big time. And just when you feel the film has ended, there is another surprise in store. I can confidently say that Aggar is much better than Aksar."

"Also it was a welcome relief to do a film which was different from what I had done earlier. While it was an enjoyable experience with John Abraham in Paap and Emraan Hashmi in two back to back films (Zeher, Aksar), it helped to work with a fresh bunch of people like Tusshar and Shreyas", she further explains.

Her look in the film has been noticed too. Apparently she plays a corporate woman in the film. "That's true. We wanted to have a new look for all the actors in the film. In any case Aggar is not at all stereotypical film and breaks quite a few norms. We didn't want things to be overtly filmy here."

So is it going to be THE film for Udita? "I never treat any of my films that way", she says promptly, "Though I am quite confident about Aggar, I don't pin my hopes on one single film."

Why? Isn't she ambitious about her Bollywood career? "See, to be honest, I love films and enjoy being a part of them but then there is life for me beyond the films too. I know I am smart and there are other things to keep me occupied in life to help me build a career and earn a living."

Is that a reason why she is not seen in horde of films? Three films in three years sounds a little less. "It has not been a conscious decision", says Udita as a matter of fact, "but what's the point in making 3-4 announcements just for the sake of it without facing the camera? Let the films 'actually' happen and then we will talk."

She gets a little philosophical here, "In any case, I am truly different from the rest of my ilk. I am not what you call as a Bollywood-Bollywood personality. You won't see me much in gossips; I don't make too many appearances in the party circuits and don't have inclination to be in news just for the sake of it. I love being what I am and have absolutely no regrets about it. And yes, I am thankful to God for whatever he has given me so far. I am content."

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