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Chit-chat with handsome Upen

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mouni : hi upen, u'r very good looking man, pleazzzzzzz answer me!!! Just a "hi" would be sufficient!!
upen patel : hi mouni

kashif : hi upen you have a real physic, i have heard you are also salman khan fan???
upen patel : yeah kashif its true

upen_Fan : yea your the new sensation. How do you manage to pull it off
upen patel : u help me pull it off upen fan

abhilash58 : think ur the best dancer in Bollywood since Hrithik. Where do u learn?
upen patel : abhilash i love to dance

-x-kavita-x- : hi upen!!!! wats the craziest thing u have done in life?
upen patel : too many kavita

Shah : after john abraham, ur da most promising superstar material to have entered bollywood...agree?
upen patel : i hope so shah i got big dreams

Bobby : Hey man u rock
upen patel : thanks bobby

Khushi : hey upen, congratulations on last week's award.
upen patel : thanks kushi

upen_Fan : wht do u look for in ur ideal girl ?
upen patel : hard to say upen fan

priyanka : mujhse shaadi karoge?
upen patel : sure priyanka

Sari : Upen...I have visited your site...and I like it very much...I wish it could also have a fan forum or a message board...to keep all of your fans together
upen patel : i will do that sari

shweta : hey upen im from Sydney- just wanted to know if u had to take many hindi lessons to correct ur diction cos u have a very distinct accent?
upen patel : lots of lessons shewta

Soni4 : your acting in namaste london was very good.. keep it up man
upen patel : thanks soni4

Ismail : wats ur 1 weakness?
upen patel : ismail cant tell u

sandyparis : do u drink or smoke?
upen patel : none sandy

DevRaj : upen, rumours were that you were unhappy of not being in ads or commercials for namastey london is this true??
upen patel : no devraj because I have SLBB

kashif : ur fav HOLLYWOOD FILM.. and will u act in hollywood if u get an offer?
upen patel : kashif i love dirty dancing

moses sapir : How it was work with abbas mustan?
upen patel : great moses

monica : do u realize there are so many females on IndiaFM chat for first time
upen patel : ha ha really monica

upen_Fan : i can turn gay just to be with u
upen patel : no upen fan

moses sapir : How it was work with a legend like rishi kapoor saab
upen patel : great moses he is a great guy

DevRaj : What do u think of Akshay Kumar??????
upen patel : he is great devraj

Bobby : What do you do when people try to pull u down
upen patel : i laugh it off bobby. wat else can i do?

Ismail : what wud be ur most challenging role till date
upen patel : reggie in SLBB

kav : with so much fame and all.. how does it feel?
upen patel : kav long way to go yet

lovelynepal : ur a better model than actor u agree?
upen patel : no lovelyepal... that is mean

Shah : where are u chatting from upen? pls tell us we will raid the place
upen patel : from sunil darshan office in anderi india shah

nel : dude are u very hot tempered?
upen patel : nel i can be

nisha_malaysia : hey upen.... congrats on yr win in Malaysia. i was there!
upen patel : thanks nisha

sandyparis : wats ur favourite passtime? Are u a party animal?
upen patel : i love the gym sandyparis

lara-sydney : it must be hard that we are throwing all this questions at you.. How come ur answering so fast?
upen patel : im jus fast lara


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