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    Upen on Namastey London

    By Super Admin

    So I think it's a very young, very urban, hit film, its way today and you have got a very fresh pair of me and Kangana. I'm coming after one year back on the screen after 36 China Town. Kangana is coming after Gangster and Woh Lamhe. She is doing a glamour's role. So I think expectations are high, the film is different, the music is different and the pairing is different. So I think there is lot of reasons why its come to Shakalaka Boom Boom.

    How was your experience working for Namastey London?
    Like I said any film you do is always a great experience. I have come here to make films, make good films, make films that people enjoy. If I can touch their heart with my cinema then I feel I'm half way there. So it is a great experience, anything I do was a great experience. I give 120% to all my work.

    What is the film about?
    I can't tell you what the film is about but I can give you my character. I'm playing a Pakistani boy Imran who falls in love with a British girl and wants to marry her. And it's about how strong values his family has, coming from traditional Muslim family. So that's what my character in the film is about.

    Your preference in terms of branded clothes you wear?
    Western brands. I prefer them because I don't really wear Indian clothes. I think in movies today people wear less Indian clothes, more western outfits. For me I prefer shirts, jeans and I'm happy with a blazer or so. 99% of the time I tend to wear western outfits.

    Where do you do your shopping?
    Normally when I'm traveling I shop in London a lot that's where my family is. Also when I'm in Dubai, wherever I'm traveling I love to shop. I'm shopoholic. So I have love for fashion and clothes.

    India Fashion designers you like?
    Indian designers are Arjun Khanna and Devendra Kumar I think they are fantastic designers. If had to choose international then I love Prada, that's one of my favorite brands. I love Prada.

    Where do you think your sex appeal lies?
    I don't think my sex appeal lies in my smile. Because I think a smile can say a thousand words.

    What is your zodiac sign?
    My zodiac sign, I'm a Leo.

    What is your fitness regime like?
    I train everyday. I train one muscle part a day. I have a high protein list of hybrid diet. But I also treat myself, I don't kill myself in diets because diet is just like eating right, sleeping right. So my main mantra is you know train hard, sleep well, eat well, that's my main mantra of fitness.

    Your favorite cologne?
    My favorite cologne has to be Angel by Thierry Mugler. When I went to buy it once on the counter the guy who sold me the perfume he said to me, "this is made of something women can't resist" It's an irresistible to women. So kept thinking what is that one think women can't resist. So he said to me, "Think hard Sir" and I thought and I thought and he told me, "Its made from Chocolate". And this is my secret weapon and it works every time.

    Where do you workout?
    I workout in Zaf Gym in Bandra.

    Your diet includes...
    Like I told you just a high protein diet and less carbs.

    Any fitness supplements??
    Myoplex. I take that twice a day. One as soon as I wake up and one soon after my workout.

    What is your Poison?
    My Poison is mineral water. That's my poison.

    Are you spiritual?
    I'm very spiritual. I do meditate; I do have a chant which some Guruji has given which I say a 1,000 times in a day. I don't have to sit in a corner with tape just do my day-to-day as long as I say the mantra in my head. So I do have a chant as such.

    Your bedtime is....
    Bed time - whenever I finish work I don't have a set time for - when I sleep sometimes I can sleep 3'o clock in the morning 4'o clock in the morning. Sometimes I sleep at 11'o clock at night. So I don't have a time.

    Your Fashion Statement?
    Yeah you know don't let the clothes wear you, wear the clothes. Never imitate, innovate because I think if we try to copy somebody else and it doesn't suite you, just to your personality.

    Most beautiful actress of all times...
    All of them, they all are very beautiful.

    Celina or Kangana?
    Celina and Kangana

    Akshay Kumar or Bobby Deol?
    Salmaan Khan.

    Your first date...
    Too young to remember. Long time ago.

    Modeling or acting?
    Let the public decide. Modeling is just for job, acting is just another job. Just because you model doesn't mean you can't act.

    What are your future films?
    My future films are very bright, very good and I'm very excited about them but right now its only Shakalaka Boom Boom for me.

    Nothing has been actually finalized or type of the star cast at the moment. I'm still choosing and talking. I've signed with many banners. I've signed with Ramesh Sippy, Venus, Tips, --. So there are lot of big banners I've signed with but I haven't decided anything concrete yet. But when I do you will be the first one to know.


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