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"I'm a hardcore Punjabi": Urvashi

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don : congrats on this new film, u look good and promising
Urvashi Sharma : shukriya

shekhar : how many scenes do u have with vikas kalantri?
Urvashi Sharma : none

Chaos : were u scared to work with big actors like bobby&akshaye?
Urvashi Sharma : no. i was very comfortable working with them. i hv always work with big names even during my modelling days

preet : y don u do a film wit salman.... u both wil look gr8
Urvashi Sharma : thanks for ur opinion. i will consider that. i had a shoot with salman for red tape

fringant : who wears whiter clothes- abbas or mustan?
Urvashi Sharma : all of them, abbas bhai, mustan bhai, hussain bhai

Himani : Is there one film you regret not being a part of?
Urvashi Sharma : lots actually

Joya : Do you like Punjabi food
Urvashi Sharma : of course. im a hardcore punjabi

Himani : ifyou could pick one film in the history of Indian Cinema, which film would you have liked to be a part of? dont say Naqaab
Urvashi Sharma : cant pic one.

Joya : Urvashi, be confident u are more than Madhuri
Urvashi Sharma : thank u so much. that sounds very good

don : why arent you replying to my questions Ms Sharma , this is Don Marcello and an avid movei goer
Urvashi Sharma : u need to ask the questions first

Chaos : i heard u walked in on akshaye when he was putting on his wig.
Urvashi Sharma : he doesnt use wig

don : do u have any training in acting ?
Urvashi Sharma : yes. i was fully prepared before entering bollywood. went thru a lot training

Himani : how was it to work with abbas mustan duo
Urvashi Sharma : it was great working with them

Chaos : do u come on any tv shows?
Urvashi Sharma : no i dont. im an actress not an anchor

Chaos : how do u stay fit?
Urvashi Sharma : i swim everyday

Urvashi Sharma : not at all. u need glasses

don : is Naqaab also inspired from an English film as usually AM movies are a mix of many fliks
Urvashi Sharma : watch the movie n tell me

lagaan : How do you think you'll handle fame? Do you ever meet any crazy scary fans?
Urvashi Sharma : of course. i do all the time

faridoon : Would you agree you resemble udita Goswami?
Urvashi Sharma : no i dont think so

naina : what does Urvashi mean?
Urvashi Sharma : dil ko vash mein karne waali...... i think i do justice to the name

ruchi : tell me ur remuneration for Naqaab?
Urvashi Sharma : it like asking what color underwear u wear...its very personal

faridoon : Akshay and Bobby say that you talk a lot....is that why you are being kept silent by TIPS?
Urvashi Sharma : no idea. but they r right

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