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Urvashi and her Naqaab

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Ravi : how was ur first public appearance...as in the fans etc???
Urvashi Sharma : it was good for the public

heema : ur comments on rakhi sawant?
Urvashi Sharma : i think she is great. she is what she is n doesnt fit in to b someone else

adrina wilson : u lokk like jasmeet walia of jassi
Urvashi Sharma : u need glasses

ryan : are you really fair or is a make up
Urvashi Sharma : i use asian paints instead of using base

shaan : i see you in ad in which ad i forget
Urvashi Sharma : ponds, garnier, airtel, reebok............

Aseel : how was the shooting in Dubai ?
Urvashi Sharma : great. it is a great place

Nitesh : How different is Naqaab from Humraaz?
Urvashi Sharma : it is very different

Chaos : were u born in Punjab?
Urvashi Sharma : no in delhi

mel : rnt sharma's bhaiyas?
Urvashi Sharma : no they r behenaas

Nitesh : do u like Harry Potter?what do u say will be the competition between Naqaab and HP????
Urvashi Sharma : both are diff genres of movies. theres no comparison

aowas : wen ur bday?
Urvashi Sharma : 13th of oct 19__. im a libran

ryan : what are ur hobbies???
Urvashi Sharma : creating characters

Chaos : can u tell us ur favorite dialogue from Naqaab?
Urvashi Sharma : "Naqaab"

Himani : how old are you?
Urvashi Sharma : sweet 16

lagaan : With all the publicity and work you have to do with the release of Naqaab, do you need a vacation?
Urvashi Sharma : no.y work is my vacation

deea : what kind of music do you listen or like?
Urvashi Sharma : soft romantic music

ryan : Urvashi Sharma is ur real name
Urvashi Sharma : yes

heema : what is ur sister's name? pari?
Urvashi Sharma : not pari, "husn pari"
Urvashi Sharma : its sucheta sharma

ashu : plz visit my college
Urvashi Sharma : which college. plz invite me

preet : how will b ur dream man like....????
Urvashi Sharma : havent thought bout it

richmich : Hey beautiful Urvashi.I always think u resemble Udita goswami a lot ,though I feel u have a much more innocent face.Wot do u say?
Urvashi Sharma : i agree with u. but i dont look like udita at all

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