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"I have no friends, only fans"

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Nitesh : One hindi film remake u would die to be a part of?
Urvashi Sharma : mughal e aazam

Chaos : when do u wake up usually?
Urvashi Sharma : 7 am. everyday

naina : giv ur no. and email id
Urvashi Sharma : call my manager at tips

Saar Khan : Urvashi, Shahrukh or Aamir...The better actor?
Urvashi Sharma : both

diyaa : i heard u r kim sharma's cousin
Urvashi Sharma : no. im nobody's cousin

Vinayak : Urvashi...do u like Himesh???
Urvashi Sharma : yes. i think he is a great singer and great music director. i wld love to be a part of his music

magz.. : r u a shopperholic????
Urvashi Sharma : no. im not

don : bye for now an gluck for the movie, hoep you can create a niche and not replace one of the many and then get replaced by another flavour of the season. Your work will decide that , best wishes .Don marcello
Urvashi Sharma : thank don for ur wishes

Urvashi : i heard ur doorie director kookie gulati is making a film. r u in it?
Urvashi Sharma : special? URVASHI is in the film

Salman Khan : where were you on the night of 7/11
Urvashi Sharma : i was in pondicherry

celina : I must say u look fabalous in salwaar kameez
Urvashi Sharma : yea. thank u. im quite versatile

aowas : how did you come out of a mirror in doorie?
Urvashi Sharma : thats me magic

diyaa : do u like the song Urvashi Urvashi take it easy policy?
Urvashi Sharma : yes. coz it has my name in it

celina : Any health tips
Urvashi Sharma : drink lot of water, avoid junk food, wake up early n work out

Chaos : how long is Naqaab?
Urvashi Sharma : 2 hrs

Mika : im here... doing something something meri jaan... di u miss me? lets go out for dinner... rakhi is joining us
Urvashi Sharma : i dont want disturb u during u dinner with rakhi

rohitlovesyou : what will it take to date you?
Urvashi Sharma : it takes a lot actually to date someone like Urvashi

fringant : So far we dont know what the story is but it's being said that it will be the most shocking thriller you will ever see in 2007.comment on this
Urvashi Sharma : yes. it wil be

celina : tell us about ur childhood.
Urvashi Sharma : im a spoilt brat

lagaan : The only reason I'm seeing Naqaab is to see your acting skills Urvashi.
Urvashi Sharma : u wont be disappointed

Ravi : do u have any international projects???
Urvashi Sharma : yes. but cant talk bout it

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