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Revealing the unknown on Mahatma... Contd.

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Who is your favourite actor from the Hindi film industry today?
VG - Aamir Khan is the best we have today but after seeing Akshaye Khanna, I might have to change my views.

Should Gandhi My Father be selected as an official entry from India in next year's Oscar awards?
VG - It should definitely be selected for the Oscars. Infact, the performances are so good that it should win an Oscar.

Are you looking forward to attend the premiere in Mumbai with your family?
VG - Yes I am looking forward to attend the premiere with my family and the stars. I would also like to meet Akshaye Khanna and the entire cast simply to congratulate them on this wonderful film they have given our film industry.

What message would you give as Gandhiji's great great grandson to the people on why they should go and see Gandhi My Father?
VG - Everyone has seen Bapu's many films as a freedom fighter. This film is completely different. It will show for the first time on celluloid an icon as a father to his son and not to the nation. I request people to watch Gandhi My Father because they might associate themselves with the film through the various confrontations but yet learn the love for their family.

Excerpts from Kasturi Gandhi's interview:

Your name is inspired from your great great grandmother and wife of Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba. How do you feel?
Both my father and mother loved this name and kept my name Kasturi. I do like my name but in my school there are two boys who are known by the same name, so I feel a bit strange.

Do you think that Gandhiji's philosophy still exists among us Indians?
I think it is more to do with common sense. Today if people give up violence, then definitely corruption will become less and the same the other way around. So if Bapu applied these principles in 1947, and the then public followed it, I won't be surprised why people would not follow them now, and I believe that there are a few majority of people who till date still follow Mahatma's philosophy.

What points of Bapu would you disagree in the film and what would you disagree in Harilal's approach to his father?
I've seen the film and they both have their own reasons and grounds on which they are firm and stand by it. For Bapu, everyone was equal and he gave all the people the same opportunity. But for Harilal, he thought that he deserved that right because he was Gandhi's son. I agree with both of them seeing the situation they were kept in.

Do your parents sometimes disagree on any of your opinions?
Yes, but very rarely. They sometimes do disagree on my opinion but I talk it out openly to them because then I get to know from my parents the right and the wrongs from it. I would also like to add that I have never misused the freedom which my parents have given to me.

Any memorable performances from Gandhi My Father?
I loved Akshaye Khanna's performance in one of the scenes where he goes out on the street in Ahmedabad and says - 'Main Gandhiji ka nalayak beta hoon'. It shows how helpless he was inspite of a helping hand on him. That scene had a big impact on me because all this happened with my family, the Gandhi family.

Tell us one thing you would want Bapu to change in today's time and age.
All the politicians and of course there are so many things that he can change. Infact, his presence alone will wipe out all the dirt from the minds and hearts of the people and stop all the corruption from happening.

What do you have to say about Darshan Jariwala's performance in the film?
Arguably the best Gandhi I have seen onscreen till date. Absolutely brilliant! Hats off to him.

Which is your favourite Gandhi film in order of preference?
I like Sir Richard Attenborough's Gandhi played by Sir Ben Kingsley and then I like Anupam Kher's role in Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara inspite of the film not being a Gandhi film.

Do you think that the film's subject should be introduced in school syllabus or to film students across the globe?
Yes, why not? It gives out a strong message and shows an in-depth relationship between a father and a son. Even today, these things happen and many people might be facing these difficult times as we are talking. So I think that such scripts should be added in the library of acting schools.

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