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Aamir not happy with Ghajini looks

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Aamir Khan
He is known as the perfectionist actor in Bollywood and with his stunning look in the movie Ghajini he has again proved he is worth the tag. Shahrukh Khan had done it in Om Shanti Om and just when six pack abs was becoming a forgotten term Aamir has induced some fresh air to it. While the world is going gaga about his looks Aamir does not seem to be too happy with his looks.

Aamir Khan suffers from the 'never happy' syndrome like all perfectionists who think they could have done better. In his latest blog amirkhan.com he says "So what do y''all think of the first look of Ghajini? Actually I could have gotten into better shape. Had to stop training during the release of TZP, so, lost a month and a half there. But it was impossible for me to train through that period. And I was also a little careless with my diet around that time. Grrr. How I wish I had found the mental strength to keep at it."

This proves the kind of effort Aamir puts in behind all his project and one reason he doesn't like doing multiple projects at a time. Be it with growing locks and beard for Mangal Pandey: The Rising or tonsuring his head for the movie Ghajini Aamir has never believed in faking. The actor had to go through a gruelling 3 hours work out everyday focussing especially on his abs. The greatest compliment for Aamir came from the muscle man Salman Khan who was amazed by Aamir's looks.

Aamir might never feel happy about his looks and perhaps this unhappiness is what separates him from a host of other stars. Bollywood fans are eagerly waiting for a new blockbuster from the perfectionist actor. Hats off to Aamir for the stunning look considering he did this at the age of 43 when most Indians complain of back aches and blood pressure.

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