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Wear your diapers before watching 1920" - Adah Sharma

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Adah Sharma
She is one of the youngest actors to have plunged into the Hindi Film Industry. Teen stars usually face a tough struggle to be taken seriously in Bollywood, but having said that, she has proved in her debut film what versatility is all about. A girl with the most amazing smile, 1920 is definitely not her last laugh. Having already signed three films with the Vikram Bhatt banner she is raring to go. Couple of days before the release of 1920, I caught up with the living barbie doll to find out what is the cutest face in Bollywood up to in a horror film. Presenting you Adah Sharma.

What adah do you bring along with you in your debut film 1920?
I think different adahein. You shouldn't have just one adah, that'll be so sad. I don't want to be an actress with just one adah. That's not good. I've got variety of adahein and you'll have to watch it in the film. And I don't have a pretty smile in the film, let me just warn you since you spoke about my pretty smile (laughs). This is just a put up show for you guys from the media because when you'll see the film you're gonna die.

Oh really?
Yes, I mean it. Please wear your diapers and go and watch the film (laughs).

Is the film that scary?
1920 is not a film with a ghost clad in a white bed sheet walking around. It's not scary like that. It is realistically scary. I mean, you won't be able to see some of the things you're scared of which makes you even more scared. If you can't even see things what you're scared of it's terrifying. I can guarantee you that you'll be petrified.

We heard that you are a classical dancer and in your first film could not dance. Is that true?
Yes, I am a classical dancer and am graduating in kathak. I've graduated in psychology this year in March. Kathak is a seven year course with theory and a practical exam. I'm hoping to complete the theory before December and complete my seven years.

Vikram Bhatt told me that it was you who knocked on his door for the lead role in 1920. Why?
Because I had read somewhere that they were doing a period film. That's all I read in the papers. Six months before the announcement of this film, I had decided that I wanted to enter films. I had gone to a lot of auditions but I got rejected because I look too young in some places. Some places they didn't like my smile. They thought it was too wide. Somewhere I didn't fit the look and all sorts of things. That was destiny because somewhere 1920 was waiting for me and I didn't know that. I wanted to do a period film in my career so I told my secretary to set up a meeting not knowing what my role in the film would be.

You've got a secretary before your debut film. That's impressive!
(Laughs) Yes, because he came for my kathak show and was very impressed. Actually he is Juhi Chawla and Vidya Balan's secretary. He doesn't do anything for new comers but after seeing my dance, he was sure that he could get me a dance film. Unfortunately, this film has no dance at all. I did request Vikram to put some twists and turns but in vain. Not a period mujra but something could've worked (laughs). But he said 'no'. The role was so fabulous that nobody has played this role till date in a Hindi film.

Are you over confident?
No, I'm not over confident. I've watched the film so that boosted my confidence. When you watch a good product it boosts your confidence. I'm a very critical person by nature. But after seeing 1920 there seem to be nothing for what I could've turned critical. That's being positive too!

Will this film be a 'one trip pony' for you?
No. I've always wanted to become an actress and already I've signed a three film deal with Vikram Bhatt. I'm doing their next film called Phir. But it's inauspicious to speak about the film till you start filming. So I can't speak much on my next venture. And I'm in talks with lots more interesting producer and directors.

U.K is well known for their haunted castles. Did the castle where you shot the film haunt you?
Allerton castle was a very creepy place where we shot the film. There was this basement where lights used to go on and off by itself, the bathroom doors used to lock themselves up and the bathroom was three floors down so if anybody went there and got locked, it would've been very difficult to contact as the cell phone had no network there. I'm really intuitive about people and places and this place gave me a very mysterious vibe.

Are there any intimate scenes with Rajneesh in 1920?
I think all the intimacy is in the minds of the characters in this film. You can be very intimate by standing in the two corners of the room. 1920 is a very romantic film too but its scary coming too. Bad and scary things happen to good people who are in love too. You don't have to be bad for bad things to happen to you. The physical and the most extreme intimacy we have in the film is holding hands and hugging. You don't have to show a kiss onscreen to actually show how much the other person loves you.

What have you learnt from the debutant Rajneesh?
I think from life you learn from every single person you interact with. When you are speaking right now I am learning from you. You speak to a lot of people daily and you learn from them. You learn a lot from somebody who's done 100 films and at the same time you learn a lot from somebody who is a debutant. Rajneesh is a very honest, truthful person and that's what his role in the film is too. I did learn a lot from him.

How was Yorkshire?
We went in the winters and it was minus two degrees. I haven't experienced such cold ever. So I didn't know what kind of cold weather in Yorkshire was like. Yorkshire is gorgeous but it's freezing cold. The same cast and crew except Anjori are going to the U.K to shoot our next film Phir. So that'll be exciting.

Tell us a bit about the music of the film.
Adnan Sami has given one of his best works till date. The piano composition in the film is just brilliant. Then there is Pandit Jasraj who has sung for the first time in a Hindi film. Shubha Mudgal has done a Rakhi Sawant song. So there are songs playing in the background too and so much happening in the song that you can't get up and go to the loo in the middle of a song.

Now that Phoonk is a big success, do you think that 1920 has come at the right time?
I actually think that Phoonk and 1920 are two different genres because I saw Phoonk. We all went together to see the film. I didn't get scare while watching Phoonk. I thought that the crow was really cute and I fell in love with it. It's nice to know that RGV is an animal lover and so am I. The child in the film is also very adorable. But 1920 can't be compared to Phoonk. You need to see it to believe it.

What happens if you don't watch 1920?
Well, when you're driving your car alone in the middle of the night and when you look in your rear view mirror, you'll have some unwanted company who will probably stay around and not be very friendly till you go watch 1920.

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