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    Ajay throws light on U Me Aur Hum

    By Staff
    Ajay Devgan
    Ajay Devgan is happy with the way his maiden venture as a director- U, Me&Hum has shaped. We met him on the sets of Rohit Shetty's Golmaal Returns, where Ajay talked enthusiastically about his maiden venture as a director. U, Me Aur Hum is a complete family social. There is a lot of humour, drama etc in my film. I would rather call my film a romantic film which has a lot of drama and humor".

    Ajay denies that his film is a take off from Notebook. "My film is completely different. Every script is different from one another. Every one tries to make some thing different. My film has its own standing in its own genre", he quips and insists that he did not zero in on his wife Kajol for his film just because she happens to be his wife. "I thought that Kajol was the best actress suited for the role. She fitted the bill perfectly to the T", he states.

    Ajay insists that it was a conscious decision on his part to go in for talented actors instead of stars for his film. "I was clear of what I wanted, the day my script was ready. I wanted to cast Kajol, Karan, Sumeet Raghavan etc in my film. Isn't every director supposed to take a conscious decision to cast good actors so that he can mould them according to the way the script demands", exclaims Ajay.

    Ajay confesses that he did experience a high as a director. "As a director, I find very hard pressed for time. Lot of work still needs to be done and the post production work is draining me off. All said and done, I do not think my life or for that matter my life style has changed in any way ever since I turned a director. I am the same family man even now, and long to spend more time with my daughter Nysa and wife Kajol", chirps Ajay.

    Ajay concedes that it was not at all tough for him to act as well as direct himself in his maiden venture U, Me&Hum. "I had the entire vision of my film very clear in my mind right from Day One when I set out to launch my film and hence I found that it was quite easy for me to act as well as direct at the same time".

    The major lesson that he says he had learnt after producing Raju Chacha was not to go mad and overspend. "The film did well but it did not enable me to recover my cost of production. As far as U, Me Aur Hum is concerned, I saw to it that I did not go over board as a producer. Yet, at the same time I did not cut down on the costs either. I managed to strike a neat balance as a producer as far as U, Me Aur Hum is concerned".

    Ajay does not want to divulge details about his role in Shree Asthtavinayak's film Golmaal Returns; because he thinks it is too early now. "All that I would say is that I play Kareena Kapoor's husband in the film. The film has a lot of situational humor embedded to it. Rohit Shetty who had directed Golmaal is directing this one too, though it is not a sequel. Golmaal Returns is part of the Golmaal series and does not necessarily have the same characters of Golmaal, except for one or two".

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