»   »   » "Good Luck is about how luck plays role in everybody's life" - Aryeman

"Good Luck is about how luck plays role in everybody's life" - Aryeman

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Good Luck
After been appreciated for his terrific performance in debut film Family, Aryeman would now be seen in a comedy flick titled Good Luck. This talented actor is ready to do any type of roles and dares to experiment with everything. Here he speaks to us about his new film Good Luck and lots and lots of kisses.

Q. What is Good Luck all about?
A. Good Luck is all about luck, how luck plays an important role in everybody's life. You must have seen in different films where people run after money, diamonds, love and other things but in this film you will see everyone running after one common factor, i.e. luck.

Q. What is your character in this film?
A. I play a struggling singer who suffers a very bad luck in the film. Whatever I do in the film goes against me.

Q. So how does luck comes to you?
A. There is a Good Luck kiss in the film where I go and kiss the lucky person and the luck transfers in me. The film is based on kiss.

Q. Who is kissing whom?
A. Everyone is kissing everyone in order to get lucky. I think first time in Indian cinema you will see male to male lip kiss. Me kissing Sharad Saxena, Sharad Saxena kissing Ranvir Shourey, Archana Puran Singh kissing Naaznin, me kissing Sayali then Sayali kissing a small baby. So it's a mad rush about this good luck kiss.

Q. How was it working with so many co-stars in the film?
A. It's been a pleasure working with Lucky Ali, Sharad Saxena, Ranvir Shorey, Sayali Bhagat and director Aditya. They all are very down to earth people and it was fun working with them.

Q. What one thing about the film attracted you the most?
A. The script, it is simply hilarious. Normally I don't laugh easily watching any comedy film but this film made me laugh. I am not saying this just because I am a part of it. The script, the story and the climax are the USP of this film.

Q. How is the music of the film?
A. Music has been given by Anu Malik and singers like Adnan Sami, Sukhbinder Singh, Krishna have sung some beautiful numbers in the film. It's a fantastic music given by Anu Malik which goes with situation.

Q. What kind of roles are you comfortable with?
A. I want to play each and every kind of roles keeping in mind that the script, the director and the production house is good. I am comfortable with everything.

Q. What do you think about the reality shows?
A. See reality shows should not have incidents like what happened recently to a girl getting shock by the judge's comment and finally going to coma. I would like to request the judges to calm down a little because it does really hurt.

Q. Your future projects...
A. There is a comedy film called Ae Fasad, an action flick Chere pe Chera. I am also doing an off beat film called Charulata. Then there's a love story called Kahin Yeh Ishq to Nahi.

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