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      "My audience are the reason for my success" Dinesh Lal Yadav

      By Staff

      Dinesh Lal Yadav
      Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua has done popular films like Kasam Darti Maiya Ki, Shreeman Driver Babu, Kahan Jaiyebe Raja Najariya Ladai Ke, Kaise Kahin Tohra Se Pyaar Ho Gayel, Nirahua Rikshawala in the year 2007. Film Nirahua Rikshawala shall prove to be one of his most successful film as it is in the league of even breaking the records of his yet another popular and super hit film Sasura Bada Paise Wala, Nirhua Rikshawala is his second Silver Jubilee film after film Ho Gayelbe Pyaar Odhaniya Wali Se. Today this film is on its 35th week and the day is not very far when the film shall mark its success to its Golden Jubilee. It is hence very right to say that Dinesh Lal Yadav 'Nirahua" is a Silver Jubilee Super Star of today"s times. Recently we got the opportunity to speak to this Silver Jubilee Super Star on the sets of his film Nirahua Chalal Sasural. Excerpts from the same are as follows:-

      The Year 2007 has really been a hectic year for you?

      As you already know that I had many films to be completed for that year; has been one of the reasons of keeping me really occupied. Initially I have been busy in looking after my national and international stage shows. These shows have a complete team including the popular heroine of my film 'Nirhua Rikshawala" Pakhi Hegde and my younger brother and upcoming film artist Praveshlal Yadav. These shows have been the reason of me not being able to give proper to my films. Then I decided to invest my entire time into my films. Films take away most of my time because I myself sing for my films. I have also sung for other"s films also. I have my albums" work also going on.

      That means now there is a full stop to the international visits?

      No, in fact it is the other way round. This is ideally the most appropriate time for the international visits to happen for me. My shows have earned immense popularity overseas and thus a different territory has been created. There have been so many films made in Bhojpuri but no film has been so popular abroad. My film has inclined the minds of the overseas distributors to seriously promote Bhojpuri films. Even the Bhojpuri albums have gained the attention of the music lovers overseas. One of my promoters confirmed having hearing my Bhojpuri album once in America. So now my trip to America and Canada is a sure shot plan. We are making concrete plans for the travel; just waiting for the right time to come.

      Tell us something about your film Nirahua Chalal Sasural?

      This is a very interesting story of a boy named Nirhua from a small village. Nirhua was liked by all in the village as he was very caring and very helpful to all the people there. There comes a girl named Sunaina in that village leaving her village as she had lost everything that she once had. She approached the people of this village for help. Nirahua thus helped her by allowing her to stay in his house. But the other people of the village definitely questioned their living together. Thus to protect the girl from any undue questions he married the girl. Later they realize that the girls" parents were alive and wished to take Sunaina back to their home town. Sunaina explains her earlier circumstances and her marriage to Nirahua to her father but he does not pay any heed to the reality. He wants to get Sunaina marry a rich boy and settle down in life. Now Nirahua had to go to her city, fight against all odds and get her wife back. This is the story all about and hence it is Nirahua Chalal Sasural. I have put good action in the film. Also the songs of the film are very melodious and romantic.

      Which is the next film that you would be shooting?

      Recently I have a shooting going on in Lucknow for a film named Vidhata. The star cast of this film includes Ravi Kishan, Pratibha Pandey, Pakhi Hegde, Rani Chatterjee, Pankaj Kesari, Anaara Gupta, Manoj Singh Tiger, Poonam Sagar and others. The film is around 60% complete. It is a story of two friends wherein Ravi Kishen and I are working together for the first time. My next film after this would be Lagel Rah Ye Raja Ji which I plan to shoot in Nepal. I have Rani Chhaterjee and Sweety Chhabra working with me in it. This is another film with good action and romance. I have another film Mai Rang De Basanti Chola being shot in Mumbai in which I have Pakhi Hegde opposite me. My other films are Chalni ke Chalal Dulha and Dulha Albela for which we are soon to start shooting. 'Dulha Albela" is a film of Ankk Media. My soon to release films are Rangeela Babu and Ganga Tohre Desh Mein. My company is busy in the production work of a serial in Hindi named Mr. Nirahua and a film in Bhojpuri named Chalni Ke Chalal Dulha. In future my company will even produce Hindi films along with Bhojpuri films.

      Tell us something about your stage shows?

      I have been occupied in doing several national and international stage shows. Recently I had one of my shows done in Kandivali in Mumbai and the audiences" really liked it a lot. I have and am still getting many appreciations from my audiences". Truly the love of my audiences" is the reason behind my success.

      Tell us something about your brother following your foot steps?

      Oh! My brother is equally talented and we do our stage shows together. He is an upcoming artist and has got a lot of potential. Recently T-Series released album Ago Chumma De Deb Jaan have been extremely popular and the reason behind that is my brothers" hard work that shows in the songs. He has done a great singing in the album and the listeners have approved of his voice and style of singing. This is his first independent album which has 9 songs in all. I have also sung one song with him just as an inspiration to him. He insisted me to sing at least one song with him in his first album and so I did. I cannot say no to him.

      Your film Nirahua Rikshawala has recently been awarded with Silver Jubilee Trophy. How do you feel?

      I have played a very simple character in this film, a character of any next door family boy and my simple and genuine audiences" have converted it into a success. I dedicate this trophy to all my audiences" and fans without whom this success was impossible. I hope to do a golden jubilee of the film and expect to speak and give interview later for that too. It definitely feels very proud and happy to be appreciated and awarded for your efforts. I am very happy to get this award will strive to win many such more awards.

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