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'I find Ekta very sexy!' RGV

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Ekta Kapoor
Ram Gopal Varma loves to make shocking confessions but his latest one has us really stumped! RGV says he finds Ekta Kapoor very hot and feels like a tongue-tied schoolboy in front of her.

It started soon after producer Ekta sent him a blank cheque after seeing the promos of Sarkar Raj. Ramu laughs, "Let me clarify that Ekta didn"t give me a blank cheque but offered me one. That was her way of showing how much she trusts me."

My idea of sexiness

The gesture excited Ramu, "I have always been a great admirer of Ekta. The fact that she's a young entrepreneur, her achievements in the television industry, her attitude and strong character has always been admirable but above it all, I think she's very sexy! She fits into my concept of sexiness."

And what's that? Ramu says, "My description of sexy is anybody who is strong, intelligent and has got an attitude. Real sexiness is more about personality, than physical sexiness. Strength of character, one's own individuality and doing exactly what she wants to do. In all that, Ekta fits the bill."

Any chances of the filmmaker asking the soap queen out? Both being single and available? Ramu says, "Thanks but that's not on the agenda. I feel intimidated by Ekta.

I like the fact that here's this beautiful, young woman talking business, money and shares very much. I find that very attractive but being with someone as strong as her would reduce me to feeling like the maid of the house."

On the professional front there have been more brickbats than bouquets but Ramu remains unfazed, "Filmmaking is a business.

Like I can't take the credit for the success of Rangeela, Satya or Company or Sarkar similarly for Aag, Daud etc, I can't take the credit for its failure. Once I realise this was a mistake I made, I move on. So 20 days after Aag released, I had already started shooting my next film Contract and finished it."

Analysing flops

What amuses Ramu is when people ask him the difference between Aag and Saawariya as both were reported as flops. Ramu says, "The primary difference is that Aag was made out of arrogance and Saawariya was made out of passion and arrogance. I was arrogant enough to think I could remake Sholay better."

So there's no similarity? "The similarity between Aag and Saawariya is the fact that nobody asked us the stories. Nobody asked Sanjay Leela Bhansali because of his credibility and as it was being made with newcomers. Nobody asked me for the story in Aag because they thought I was making Sholay.

That was our common point. But I don't think I had one-tenth of the passion Sanjay had in the making of Saawariya. On the brighter side, if I had made Aag as passionately as he made Saawariya, Aag would have cost 10 times more," Ramu grins.

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