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    Bollywood reacts to Govinda's slap

    By By : Subhash K , IndiaFM
    Tusshar Kapoor: "Why is no one talking about what that guy, who got slapped, did? Just because Govinda is a celebrity everyone is focusing on his action. This guy who got slapped sounds akin to those molesters near the J. W Marriot on New Years eve. Slapping them would've been perfect.

    Manoj Bajpai: "I wasn't present when the incident happened. But I suppose it all depends on the situation. There have been times when I've lost my cool at such intrusions during work. Other times I've just let it go. I don't like to lose my self-control.

    Dia Mirza: "On several occasions, people just land up on our sets. These people can be very intrusive at times. As and when an alarm is raised about such obtrusive persons the security is brought in. I've always maintained a distance from such intruders on the sets. None of my male co-stars have ever taken the situation into their own hands.

    Nandana Sen: "I'm fundamentally opposed to violence of any kind. But yes, I've slapped or knocked over men who've tried to feel me up. That's a different kind of invasion of privacy, and absolutely intolerable.

    Ravi Kishan: "Govinda's slapping incident happened while I was with him shooting for a movie. Though I didn't see it personally, I'm sure there was some provocation. Personally, I've learnt to control my anger and impatience with the people around me. It has taken me a long time to master my ill temper. But finally, it has been worth it. You can't go around showing your displeasure in public."

    Mona Singh: "Govinda's action seems to have been taken under provocation. But I feel he shouldn't have reacted the way he did. He should've informed the unit controller or called for security and let them take action. I've never faced such a situation personally. So, I don't know how exactly I'd react."

    Mahesh Bhatt: "I'm not an MP. I'm just an entertainer. But yes, I've got into brawls like the one Govinda did. Therefore I can't blame him."

    Raveena Tandon: "I've worked with Govinda in lots of movies. He's a terrific guy and a great co-star. He's also human. No matter how much in control you are, there're times when your self-control just snaps when someone is distracting you on the sets. Some people think a set is a place of fun and frolic. They don't know how much concentration shooting requires. Govinda must have been provoked. During all these years he has never been known to lose his cool." Samir Soni: "Whether any action is justifiable or not depends completely on the nature of the provocation. At the end of the day all actors and other celebrities are human beings with genuine emotions, families and insecurities. Fortunately, for me I've always managed to extricate myself from such situations with a smile and a deaf ear."

    Amrita Arora: "I think Govinda's anger is totally justified. I'd do the same if someone tries to act over-smart with me. Why should we not react to intrusive behaviour just because we're public figures? But at the end of the day we're human. And as vulnerable as anyone else."

    Sophie Chowdhary: "From what I understand the intruder was told to back off. But he wouldn't listen. And he was also trying to be cheeky with the actress on the set. Given the circumstances, security should have been called and the man should've been dragged off. But we're all human. It's normal to lose our cool when provoked. Some people take too many liberties and try to act over-familiar. I've come close to slapping a few such cheapos. But my security has stepped forward in time. Recently, during a stage show in Delhi a guy got on stage and grabbed my hand. I'd have slapped him if the security didn't intervene. I was furious that someone would dare to get so close. I've pushed people away and totally lost my temper at times. The only time I slapped someone was as a kid when another kid tried to kiss me. But believe me, if the situation demands it I wouldn't mind slapping someone.

    Lilette Dubey: "I'm sure the provocation at times does get intolerable. But I think even if it's difficult one should try to contain one's anger. To retaliate is of no help."

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