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"I'll definitely work with Shahid if given a chance": Hansika... Contd.

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Shahid Kapoor: honestly I don't believe in lucky charms.

Shaan: How does it feel working with Govinda?
Hansika: It was great working with Govinda; don't really know what to say about stardom...happy to have it though.

Sri: How are u...what perfume do u use?
Hansika: Estee Lauder

sri : hi.........what is the USP of MHTHH?
Hansika: Its a multi-star cast film...its a comedy film but not a brutal comedy ...its something different.

Shaan: How does the MHTHH camp feel, do u foresee this to be a HIT?
Hansika: if you guys support me it will be a hit.

Ankit: Hansika as I can see that ur film Money Hai Toh Honey Hai. Is about to release what r ur other projects?
Hansika: I am zipped and can't speak about it...surprise to you all.

Narges: How was it working with Hrithik Roshan in KMG?
Hansika: good....Narges

Suhana: I saw you on Chak De Bacche promoting your film so whom do you think will win the title?
Hansika: I really don't know...depends on the votes and a lot of other stuff.

Neeti: Hi Hansika.....what kind of cosmetic do you use to look gorgeous though u look gorgeous with it.
Hansika: I hate make up...I just put gloss that's it

Saby: you are the child actress in KMG, but it seems you have grown up so soon. I felt like KMG was released just a yr ago.
Hansika: well can't say anything abt it becos it's been 5 - 6 yrs since KMG released.

Kamal: hi Hansika I 'm from Baroda -Gujarat, ur looking super cool n I would love to see in your new movie blockbuster, what is ur role in it?
Hansika: I am playing a T.V. actress who wants to become a Bollywood star.

Shaan: Hansika any reason y there isn't any dialogue promo's of the movie, I think it cud help to being a HIT movie
Hansika: well I guess you haven't seen T.V. properly...dialogue promos are on air.

Narges: Hi Hansika, first of all I wanna say that u were really good in Aap Ka Suroor... I just wanted to know how was it to work with Hrithik Roshan in KMG? How did you find the music of it?
Hansika: thank you so much Narges.

Nibs: Hey Hansika, you r looking hot in MHTHH.
Hansika: you really think so....thanks niks.

Ankit: Hansika what is ur mother tongue and from which part of india r u.
Hansika: I am from Mumbai....i am a Punjabi

Arvind: how do u manage ur study?
Hansika: International Board...so gets managed easily.

Neo: Hi Hansika! I've seen all your movies; you look fantastic in all of them! It's great that you're keeping young and fit look, and look highly energized!
Hansika: yeah ...have tried a lot...hope that's working for you all.

Crazy4U: Advance Happy Birthday Wishes For U Hansu.
Hansika: ohhhh thank you so much ...i am so touched.

fay: hi Hansika its fay from Belgium
Hansika: hi fay.

Fay: I've seen the promos of ur new movie n u r looking great in it.
Hansika: thank you fay

Neo: Are you currently acting in any South Indian films? Like in Tollywood?
Hansika: yes I am Neo.

aman: hi Hansika you all look cool in ur new Money Hai Toh Honey Hai movie....any instance from it that make you laugh roit away the moment you remember.
Hansika: we used to play cards and it used to be that my team (the artists team) always won and we used to get a good treat.

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