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"I'll definitely work with Shahid if given a chance": Hansika

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Hansika Motwani
Gorgeous, sensuous, sultry are just some of the terms that one would associate with the girl-turned-heroine Hansika Motwani, for whom the silver screen is simply the second home (or is it first?). The testimonies to her success can be gauged by the numerous awards that she has got, including the prestigious Filmfare Award for the Best Actress. Hansika has been in the news lately due to her superb performance in Money Hai Toh Honey Hai. This actress chats with her fans. Now, read Hansika Motwani Chat and other celebrity chats.

Hansika: Hi to all

Satish: How are you?
Hansika: I am good Satish thank you.

Raghav: hi Hansika. How was the MHTHH exp?
Hansika: the experience was superb Raghav.....would you go and see it ???? You better say yes.

Raghav: How r u...how was Ganesh sir as a director?
Hansika: superb Raghav....

Shahveer: hello Hansika r u there?
Hansika: yes I am very much there Shahveer.

Ankit: Hi Hansika...which was your fav scene?
Hansika: The scene where I have to give 4 variations on the phone...you will come to know when you watch the film.

Raghav: I 'm a big fan of u...looking forward for your film.
Hansika: Thank you Raghav...hope you like it

Raghav: how was ur board result?
Hansika: Well it's gonna come out next month...so keeping my fingers crossed.

Ankit: Hansika if u r offered a role with Hrithik Roshan will love to do as u acted as child with him in Koi Mil Gaya.
Hansika: well, time could speak better asif

Saby: Hi Hansika, How r u??? AS your movie is going to release next week for that I wish u ALL D Best.
Hansika: Thank you so much Saby...pls do go and watch it.

Ankit: I hope MHTHH goes hit.
Hansika: Thanks, Ankit.

Saby: hey Hansika what's up?
Hansika: nothing chatting with you, don.

Saby: Hi how was it working with Govinda?
Hansika: great Saby...

Saby: well I am from London, and I am amazed that u have a big fan following here also.
Hansika: thank you don....love you

Crazy4U: Congratulations Hansu, for u'r Maiden Filmfare Award.
Hansika: thank you so much Crazy4U

shahveer : ok den tell me 1 thing, y do u think dat u hav to move to Tamil Film Industry... well u were going gud in Bollywood I think... or d reason was u were not getting dat much films in Bollywood so u decided to move to tollywood or watever (i think south)
Hansika: whatever you wanna think you can think....i have 2 films released here as well as 2 films released down south so both are going parallel.

Ankit: I read somewhere that you and Celina didn't get off along well, Is it true?

Hansika: no Ankit...not at all

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