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Harman Baweja almost did a mafia drama

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Harman Baweja
He may have been seeing an unconventional launch for himself in the form of Love Story 2050 but a few years back there was a strong possibility that Harman may have debuted with a film which was a 'mafia' drama.

"Can you believe that", exclaims Harman who is now only close to 100 hours away from his big screen debut, "There were so many ideas that dad and me were bouncing off for my launch. We were looking at films belonging to comedy genre or some kickass action but nothing seemed to be overtly exciting."

"The closest that we reached was a mafia drama but that also was kept aside. Guess how it would have been if my first film was a mafia drama? Especially so when I you see me dancing at places separated by decades in Love Story 2050", says Harman who realizes that the world is looking at how his dad Harry Baweja has established a strong base for him with the multi-crore film.

"Dad had this idea around making a film set in future way back in 1999-2000. He hadn't forgotten it over the years and spoke about it again during one of our brainstorming sessions. Once we thought that this was it, he pronto called in his team of writers, bounced the idea to them and they began work along with us", recollects Harman who would be the first ever Bollywood hero to see a launch with a subject like this.

"Let's not make it sound as if the film belongs to a different planet. No pun intended", jokes Harman, "Love Story 2050 is as mainstream as it gets. Yes, we have done something that hasn't been attempted before but isn't it really cool to get something new on?"

Harman goes on to justify the choice of the subject, "See, if I would have arrived in a routine love story, people out there would have said - 'Chalo naya ladka hai, dekh aate hai kaisa hai'. That's about it. In case of Love Story 2050 we are looking at a paradigm shift. We are talking about time travel, robots, flying cars etc. There is so much out there which makes the film exciting."

Throughout his career, Harry Baweja has been involved in hardcore action films with Dilwale, Diljale and Qayamat being his biggest successes. Though he did attempt a different subject like Main Aisa Hi Hoon, it didn't impress the audience. Doesn't Harman believe that a subject like Love Story 2050 which deals with time travel would take his father into an unknown territory?

"You have to look at his track record over the years and you would see that he has been continuously delivering successful films. He has also been moving with time and constantly evolving himself. I have never seen him as excited as I saw him during the last 4 years when we were putting together Love Story 2050", says Harman in admiration for his father.

"As I said earlier, it isn't as if this idea struck dad overnight. He has been carrying it for close to a decade and just because the funds, technology and audience taste didn't warrant that he made such kind of cinema in those days, he continued making formulaic commercial cinema."

"Today we have all of that in abundance. We can ask for funds and we can get it. We have some great technology capability and thankfully audience too is looking at newer films. Dad has given it all to Love Story 2050 and in a few days from now, you would see that for yourself on screen", concludes the proud 'beta'.

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