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Harman not bothered about Imraan

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Love Story 2050
Harman Baweja insists that he would talk about Love Story 2050 and his work in it rather than spend any productive effort in worrying about the clash which is waiting to happen with Imran Khan's Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa.

"Arrey yaar, why should I be even indulging in talks around how I feel about the other newcomer whose film is releasing on the same day as mine", says Harman in a cool tone, "When we locked 4th July as the day for the release of Love Story 2050, we thought that was just the right time for the film to arrive. We never worried then around what would happen if some other film decides all of a sudden to come on the same day."

Some sections of the media are trying to make it out as yet another Om Shanti Om v/s Saawariya clash. Isn't it unfair? Doesn't he feel that all of this would only lead to an ugly situation, just the kind it happened when Farah Khan's film clashed with much hyped launch of newcomers Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone?

"If you ask me, I am completely against this kind of an ugly situation being created. I don't want this to be treated as some kind of clash per se", Harman declares as a matter of fact, "I have worked hard on my film and this is what interests me most. I don't want to be talking about any other film than mine, let alone downsizing it or saying anything negative about it."

On a lighter note, Harman goes on to add, "My funda in life is simple. I have worked on my film and not yours, so I should stand by my film. Similarly you have worked in your film and haven't made any contribution to mine. So why any of us should be worried about how the other film is?"

Audience may not necessarily share similar sentiments?

"I don't think that should be the case. It's a movie at the end of the day and they may see the one that they want to. It could be Love Story 2050 or Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa or both. Also, they are not tied up to a particular film that they cannot even look at the other one. It isn't like that on 4th July, they have to think so hard as if they have to choose a life partner between Imran and me."

Yup, these would indeed be remembered as the famous last words!

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