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Mugdha even learnt rough language for Fashion

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Mugdha Godse
As Janet, Mugdha Godse plays the part of one of the three principal protagonists of Fashion. While one waits to see the kind of character Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut play in the film, Mugdha has willingly disclosed that her role requires her to speak in a rough language.

"I can't believe the lines I've said when the camera started rolling", says Mudgha animatedly, "Words like 'jhandoo' and 'bangroo' are not something that form a part of my everyday vocabulary and here I am using them all so naturally. Madhur sir's guidance around getting the right feel of the character is really helping me out here."

Talking about the boldness of the character, Mugdha reveals that Janet is someone who wants to be independent and is living a lifestyle of her choice in urban India. "Janet is required to be tough and use rough language. She has been in the fashion industry for 4-5 years and hence understands the intricacies and behind the scenes functioning of the industry quite well", reveals Mugdha.

She goes on to add, "This is why if someone tries to act fresh with her, she gives it back. She goes to the extent of asking men to come up with new lines if they act a little too smart with her."

Mugdha has spent close to 8 months shooting for the film and admits that she has got used to the language to such an extent that even in real life she could be found mouthing some rough words.

"My friends who have seen me grow up for so many years are aghast that how could I be using such language", laughs Mugdha, "They are wondering whether it's the same Mugdha they are speaking to. Well, I always have my defense that this is just a role and I would get over it once Fashion releases. Well, they are waiting even though they continue to be suspicious."

Mugdha's character of Janet in Fashion is said to be based on the real life of another popular model Carol Gracias and borrows incidents from her infamous wardrobe malfunction on the ramp. 29th October is the D day when audience would get to know if this indeed is true.

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