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"If I like the story I will definitely do it" - Nana Patekar

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Nana Patekar
Versatile actor Nana Patekar would soon be seen portraying the character of a truck driver in his next film Horn Ok Please. Let's check out what Nana has to say about this film and also his journey in Bollywood.

What is this film Horn OK Please all about?
This is a very good film. I have never talked about any of my films this way but honestly I really enjoyed working in this film and especially I enjoyed playing the role of a truck driver a lot. Keep your mind outside for 2 hours while coming to see the film and you will really enjoy it. It's an out and out comedy.

After a long time you are playing a Maharashtrian in a Hindi film...
Yes, I have played the characters of U.P., Bihar and others. But I am playing a typical Maharashtrian for the first time.

Is Nana and Gana (song) still two separate things?
Gana (song) for me is like the way a child gets happy after getting a toy to play, so like wise I get happy when I get a song because I don't know that thing. I really enjoy doing it as this is the faculty which I don't know. I get to learn many things from it as it's nice to see young people teaching you. I even touch their feet while coming out.

Are you able to give time to theatre now?
I have been doing theatre since 35 years but at the moment I am not doing any play since I hardly get time from my film schedules. Again through films one gets a chance to reach so many people, whereas, through theatre you can hardly reach only thousand people. Though, I want to do a play called Heybadan written by Girish Karnard from a very long time.

What happened to the film you were planning to direct?
That got delayed. Because while shooting for an item song I broke my legs due to which, I was on bed for three months. This film was supposed to get finished by January and I was going to start my film in March, but due to my accident everything got delayed. If everything goes right then I may start my film by October.

After 17 years you are directing a film, why such a long gap?
After Prahar, I did not direct any film, as I was busy earning money. You will get less money in direction and I had to buy a house. Besides that I had to earn money to fulfill other responsibilities while I am getting older. It is always there in back of my mind that I have not much time left.

Are you difficult to approach?
It's not like that. If I like the story I will definitely do it and if not then I won't. First thing that comes is the story, secondly who the director is, thirdly the co-artist, fourthly who the producer is, and lastly, whether I am getting paid or not the amount I demand.

Are you happy with your career graph?
Yes I am very happy. It's because of my wife Neelakanti that I am here today. She worked in a bank and used to get a salary of around Rs.2500 while I used to earn Rs. 700. It was she who supported me to make my career in acting. When she used to act in theatre, she got six awards whereas I got only one. She also acted in a movie named Atmavishwash, where she got the best actress award. I will always be thankful to her.

Besides acting what you do?
I do farming in my village near Pune. I have a big farm house where I grow rice, wheat, Chana etc. I even sit for selling our grown products and share the money with my farmers.

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