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"I have an emotional bondage with Vijeta" - Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra
Futuristic film Love Story 2050 and the futuristic character of Priyanka in the film – both the futuristic matters fail paving Priyanka's path to a better future. And the babe of Bollywood is back to take a chance with her rather look-real character in the Vijeta Films' soon-to-release film Chamku. Rajnee Gupta shared time with the actress to know about her character, the film and of course little more...

Q. What the film Chamku is all about?
A. Chamku is quite a realistic film. Every audience will relate one or the other stage of his life to the film. It's not a usual glamorous film at all. Songs of the film are also very melodious. Whenever I travel in my car I play two songs from the film. One of them is Aaja milke... which is simply mind-boggling.

Q. After Kismat and Barsaat, it's now time for Chamku. How do you feel about this Bobby-Priyanka trilogy?
A. I started my career with Vijeta Films. My first film, Big Brother, which got released in the last year, was with Sunny Deol. I still can't forget the day I received my first check as an actor from the Vijeta. I have an emotional bondage with the banner and I am really happy to have the chance to work with Vijeta once again.

Q. What about Bobby?
A. Actually this is my fourth film with Bobby. He is very cool guy and has worked really well in Chamku. He has justified with his complex character of Chamku. I think people will accept and love his character in the film.

Q. What about your character in Chamku?
A. The name of my character in the film is Shubhi. She is the daughter of a rich man and a teacher at a kindergarten. She leaves all the fortunes of her father and spends time in teaching children as she enjoys doing so. Her life takes a dramatic change once Bobby enters her life. I cannot say anything more about my character as it will mar the mystery the character carries.

Q. Any special preparation for the character?
A. I didn't need any such thing. I have very few scenes as a teacher. Most of my scenes are with Bobby, so I didn't need to go for any special preparation.

Q. You experience a lot with your look in each of your films. Have you tried any such thing in this film, too?
A. Not really. You will see me in salwar kurta after a long span. At the same time you will see me in sari also. It's a complete Indian look. I have kept a simple look with shifon sari because my character in the film is that of a school teacher.

Q. How much you had to teach Bobby?
A. (Laughing) I am a teacher to the children of nursery standard only.

Q. How is the experience of working with children?
A. I have a long sequence with children in this film and working with them gave me quite a lasting memorable moments. Actually I love children. I enjoyed spending days with them. We used to dance together, have food together and sometimes we went for travelling around, too.

Q. Any memorable moment?
A. Yeah. It was the shooting of a song at Bobby's Lonavla cottage. We spent two days over there and the fun was in booking our own hills (laughing). It looked like having mahabhoj every time we sat for having meal as because all of us used to have food together. We had a party over there after the shooting. It"s really memorable.

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