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"I am fed up of doing serious roles" - Raima Sen

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Raima Sen
After showing her acting traits in art films, Raima now wants to turn her focus towards commercial movies. It won't be wrong to say that her upcoming flick C Kkompany is her first step towards it. In this film, Raima will be seen playing the bossy sister of a don which is been played by Tusshar Kapoor. Let's check out what this damsel has to say about her character and lot more.

We have heard that you are playing a dietitian in this film?
Yes, actually when I first heard about this I too got surprised. Everyone knows that I am a complete foodie and so when the director narrated me the role, I thought he was fooling around with me as I cannot identify myself with this role. I remember that my director used to tease me saying that if Tusshar eats up my burger then I should get angry and when I asked him why he said that since I was a dietitian, he always ignored me. It was only later that I realized that how bad it is to be a dietitian.

What made you accept this film?
The main reason I chose it as it was a commercial film. And along with that being a comedy added a flavour. It was very exciting and great to work with a talented actor like Tusshar Kapoor and also under the Balaji banner. I have a song in this film and few beautifully crafted scenes which attracted me the most. I am fed up of doing serious roles and I was looking for something in which I could play my age. And this film proved to be good for me.

Was this the only real reason?
May be no. I mean to say that I am not bored of doing serious roles but people have set one thing in their mind that Raima can do only one type of role. So I want to change the view of the audiences.

Didn't you fear before signing a Balaji project where Tusshar was sure to get the maximum footage?
At first I felt so. But later I and all the other actors realized that along with Tusshar the film is for all. How much profitable it is for an actress to work in a commercial film is difficult to say but one thing is for sure that everyone is gonna like this film.

How was the experience of doing a full-fledged role of a bossy girlfriend?
I have other films also where I play a major role. I am playing an important role in Madhurita Anand's film Mere Khwabo Mein Jo Aye with Arbaz Khan and Randeep Hooda. I play the lead in Aparna Sen's Japani Wife. My character in Ruchi Narayan's film is similar to the one I played in Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from these films, you are also working in Rituparna Ghosh"s Sunglass and Oriya director Manmohan Mahapatra...
Yes, I have a small role in Sunglass. I don't remember the name of the film which I am doing with Manmohan Mahapatra. Rahul Bose, Diya Mirza and Nandita Das are also with me in that film. This film got complete long ago. Rahul plays a writer and I play the role of a journalist.

You have worked with Zoya, Aparna Sen, Meera Nair, Madhirita Anand and Ruchi Narayan. You are the first Bollywood actress to have worked with so many lady directors. What have been your experience working with these talented women?
To be true, I did not found any difference working with female directors. As we are talking about them I would say that female directors are more supportive. Aparna Sen proved more like a mother than a director to me.

How was Tusshar as your co star in C Kkompany?
He is very determined and down to earth person. This film is from his production so first of all he comforted me a lot. He used to come in my vanity van to rehearse the scenes with me. He is a perfectionist and is always well prepared before coming on the sets.

You are appearing in a glamorous role for the first time in this film. Any tips you got from your sister Riya?
No, but when she saw me for the first time in glamorous get up, she said, "My God for the first time in my life I am finding you so beautiful".

How did you prepare yourself for the role of a dietitian?
I don't think I needed any preparation for this role. My director Sachin Yardi only told me to watch my movements and make it little faster. Express everything properly. Most of the time I thought that whether I am looking like a fool or what, but Sachin asked to express everything with stress in the dialogue and acting.

Is it true that now-a-days you are looking for only lead roles?
Yes, in future you will see me in more lead and solo roles. I think now it is time for me to do something for myself in order to establish myself in this industry.

When and how did you take this decision?
Many people say that I have not planned my career properly by playing second lead. My well wishers want me to do films with lead role. Actually when you are in a second lead neither your work nor you are being given any due importance.

Where in one hand you are working with first time directors like Zoya Akthar and Sachin Yardi and on the other you are working with directors like Aparna Sen, Rituparna Ghosh and Manmohan Mahapatra who are well experienced. What differences you see in them?
I think I am lucky enough to have worked with some big directors in Kolkata. But I have to make my name in commercial film also. There is no difference between the two groups. One has the experience and the other has ideas.

You are doing a film with Riya. Tell us something about that...
Yes we have signed a film with Rituparna Ghosh, the shooting of which is scheduled to start in September. This is a periodic film and is a remake of Rabindra Nath Tagore's story Noku Dobi. One thing interesting about the film is that we are not playing sisters in this film. It is a Bengali film and it is to be shot mostly in Kolkata. I am happy that I have got a lead role in Rituparna Ghosh's film. Apart from this I have signed one more Bengali film with Rituparna titled Jhindher Bondhu, where I am opposite Prasenjit.

Tell us something about the characters you portray in your future projects...
I am playing a mother of an eight year old boy in Aparna Sen's film Japani Wife, who is a widow. Then in Mere Khwabo Mein Jo Aye I am playing a mother to a nine year old kid. It was a nice experience for me to play a mother on the silver screen because I just love children a lot. Aparna is a task master and she did a 15 days work shop with me for her film. In this workshop she made me work in Konkona's Mumbai's house where I was asked to wash clothes, clean the house and do other kind of house hold works.

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